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2017 Race Schedule

  • Paris - June 4th
  • Austria - August 12-13th
  • Brussels - September 23-24th
  • Salina Turda - October 14-15th
  • Asia - November
  • Berlin - December 2-3rd



After its inaugural season, Drone Champions League is preparing to kick-off season two with a robust race schedule and new racing format.


On April 1st, RTL 2's GRIP Motormagazin featured DCL pilot Lukas Wahl racing his drone against GRIP's own Cyndie Allemann driving a Porsche 911 Turbo S & Caterham Seven 620R.

About Drone Racing

What is Drone Racing?

Drone racing is a new type of motorsport mostly popular with men ages 15 - 45. Pilots compete against each other on a track and the winner is determined by completing the race in the fastest time.

What is Drone Racing?

How does the DCL Format Work?

We have revised our racing format to better suit the fans, pilots and teams. Qualification races consist of time-trials where a team’s collective result determines where it will be placed for the final rounds.

How does the DCL Format Work?

What are the best racing drones for beginners?

Depending on the pilot’s budget and expertise, there are several options for those interested in entering the drone racing arena. A drone with wifi is not suitable for drone racing.

Best drones to start with?

How can I participate in DCL?

Teams are often looking for new drone racers and we are happy to give wildcards for local drone racers where we hold our events. Talk to a team owner, sign up on our website and participate in our next race!

How to participate in a drone race?