The Race Begins: DCL24 Drone Prix Split 1 and Team Rosters Revealed

The Drone Champions League (DCL) embarks on its 2024 journey, bringing the electrifying world of drone racing to the forefront with the announcement of Split 1's high-stakes matchups and the introduction of the elite team rosters.

As anticipation builds for the season’s kickoff on March 29th, DCL24 sets the stage for a spectacular series of races that blend unparalleled skill, cutting-edge technology, and intense competition. From the defending champions XBlades to the eager newcomers of Cyclone Drone Racing, each team is primed to prove their prowess in the virtual skies and beyond. Join us as we dive into the heart of drone racing’s finest hour, marking the beginning of a season filled with speed, strategy, and aerial mastery.

The DCL24 Drone Prix Split 1 is not just a testament to virtual racing but also serves as a precursor to the adrenaline-filled finale in Abu Dhabi. The top six teams from Split 1 will advance to the Split 1 Finals, taking place on the iconic Yas Marina Circuit from April 25th to 27th. Here, they will not only vie for the title of Split 1 Champion but also partake in the much-anticipated return of Real-Life Drone Racing in the DCL. This marks a significant moment as pilots transition from virtual tracks to real-world challenges, embodying the spirit and evolution of drone racing.

As the drone racing world turns its eager eyes towards the DCL24 Drone Prix Split 1, the excitement is palpable. With eight elite teams, each boasting a roster of eight world-class pilots, the stage is set for an unparalleled aerial showdown.

This season, the DCL not only celebrates the skill and innovation at the heart of drone racing but also welcomes fans to a spectacle of speed, agility, and strategic mastery.

Elevating the Game: Team Rosters


The reigning champions and titans of the drone racing world, XBlades Racing, are on a quest to defend their title, relying on their unparalleled skill set and experience to dominate once again.

1 Pilot Ashton Gamble Drobot
2 Pilot Killian Rousseau Killian
3 Pilot Alexander Kholkin Salie1
4 Pilot Jack Prosser FPV Gilbert
5 Pilot Colin Chaigne Shaigne.
6 Pilot MinJae KIM Minjae
7 Pilot Thomas Kund Star23467
8 Pilot Dorian Kundel DrainOG

Quad Force One:

With a legacy of close finishes and a thirst for victory, Quad Force One enters the fray as seasoned contenders, blending strategy and skill in their quest for the championship crown.

1 Pilot Christian Van Sloun Amari
2 Pilot Mason Lively Hyper
3 Pilot Evan Turner HeadsUP
4 Pilot Levi Johnson Leviathann
5 Pilot Quinton Hansen QTFPV
6 Pilot Ryan Martin AKDRONES
7 Pilot Silas Aaron PropsicleFPV
8 Pilot Spencer Cannizzaro Screecher

Raiden Racing:

Twice-crowned champions of the DCL world, RAIDEN Racing returns with renewed vigor and a strategic edge, ready to reclaim their glory and add another title to their illustrious history.

1 Pilot Leon Schubert HaloWalker03
2 Pilot Vicent Mayans THUNDER_FPV
3 Pilot Sarah Klein Sarah
4 Pilot Takafumi Matsudone MADX
5 Pilot Gabriel Barrasso IQ0
6 Pilot Yuki Matsuyama Mattyo FPV
7 Pilot Kirill Loban Valprim
8 Pilot Yuki Hashimoto Yukifpv

Cyclone Drone Racing:

Marking their territory with a storm of skill and determination, Cyclone Racing, the newest entrants in the DCL, are set to whirl through the competition, proving their mettle and aiming for the top.

1 Pilot Joaquin Ybanez JBox
2 Pilot Jonny Exner NeonFPV
3 Pilot Chesley Wick TheIceCheetah
4 Pilot Kieran Tucker razbri
5 Pilot Swan Versmissen Yayou
6 Pilot David Kaufman Astronaut
7 Pilot Zachary Ruschak ZionFPV
8 Pilot Lukas Böhm Cryson

SDT Spain Drone Team:

Hailing from the vibrant lands of Spain, SDT Spain Drone Team brings passion and fervor to the competition, flying not just for victory but for the sheer love of drone racing.

1 Pilot Platon Cheremnykh PlatOnAir
2 Pilot Daniel Borrega Villalba DAN00B
3 Pilot Jayden Jackson Shrimpy Boy
4 Pilot Miron Cheremnykh RedSheep
5 Pilot James Govey CloneNo1
6 Pilot Silvio Camejo Ramos Silvio fpv
7 Pilot Stuart Francis Squid-FPV
8 Pilot Alexander Maltsev _ShocK_

China Dragons:

A fusion of youthful enthusiasm and experienced strategists, China Dragons are ready to breathe fire into the competition, aiming to showcase their dynamic flight paths and innovative tactics.

1 Pilot Xize Bai Zepeter
2 Pilot Josu Arregui Hosu
3 Pilot Gabriele Principe gabriprince
4 Pilot Krutharth Chickmagalur IonFPV
5 Pilot Lukas Rau Cr3at0rGamer
6 Pilot Moritz Ahnfeldt mojo.fpv
7 Pilot Longxin Peng Long XL
8 Pilot Aman Virani SH4DY


Breaking barriers and setting benchmarks, Mach One, the all-women team, brings diversity, skill, and an inspirational spirit to the forefront, challenging conventions and flying high on aspirations.

1 Pilot Ryan Lindsay Grieves Mako Reactra
2 Pilot Stephanie Chao StephFPV
3 Pilot Natalia Astakhova natahova
4 Pilot Leslie Camarena LaBeba
5 Pilot Ksenya Mosina hologram
6 Pilot Zoe Stumbaugh ZoeFPV
8 Pilot Heverlein Carreiro TRILLY FPV
9 Pilot Kali Ames KalliFPV

DCL Wild Card Team:

A mosaic of ambition and raw talent, the DCL Wildcard Team embodies the spirit of competition, with each pilot ready to seize their moment and make an indelible mark on the DCL stage.

1 Pilot Alexander Daskalov superspiro
2 Pilot Thomas Falconer Tom.
3 Pilot Vadim Dzema ZOOM
4 Pilot Mason West WestFPV
5 Pilot Travis Daley FPVgan
6 Pilot Bambi Bamford Bambi
7 Pilot Johnathon Price SmashFPV
8 Pilot Jakob Holshagen Chuggakva

Looking Ahead: The Sky’s the Limit

As these teams prepare to battle it out in the DCL24 Drone Prix Split 1, the drone racing community awaits a season filled with innovation, excitement, and sportsmanship. Each pilot, with their unique style and strategy, contributes to the rich tapestry of this burgeoning sport, promising a competition that’s as unpredictable as it is thrilling. Stay tuned for a season that promises to elevate drone racing to new heights, showcasing the blend of technology and talent that makes this sport truly remarkable.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the world of drone racing and get to know the faces behind the machines. Get ready for Split 1, where these pilots will take flight and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of competitive drone racing.

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by Babu Muhammad Umair, Social Media Manager DCL.
Published: March 27, 2023 at 11:56 AM GMT

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