Where virtual meets reality

Fly around the world

Fly through over 30 spectacular tracks and compete online against other pilots from all over the world!

Discover real drone racing tracks like the snow halfpipes of LAAX and the castle ruins of Reutte. Each location will present a new and unique challenge and will demand all your piloting skills!

The environments


Battle in a fantastical frozen landscape: the track at Switzerland’s Drone Prix Laax. In this snow-covered labyrinth, the sun bounces off the ice (but hopefully your drone won’t).


Steampunk meets cyberpunk as you speed around obstacles inside and outside a crumbling oil refinery in a post-apocalyptic setting. Watch out for the fire in the sky!


Take a plunge into Proptown, a fantasy track through urban canyons of towering glass skyscrapers. Can you master the dizzying dives, plus a potentially drone-drenching fountain, day and night?


See why the track in Reutte, Austria remains one of the all-time favorites among DCL pros as you race through the ruins of a centuries-old Tyrolean castle.


Can you make the most of straightaway speed and still nail the turns? The notorious Belgian track from the Drone Prix Brussels is the place to find out.


Twists, turns and level changes amp the intensity at the historic Simatai section of China’s Great Wall, which looks the same now as it did during the Ming Dynasty.


Lakeside life is anything but leisurely when you push your drone to the limit through the actual track at Rapperswil Castle in Zurich, Switzerland.


Tiny Liechtenstein serves up massive action at DCL’s home race in Vaduz. Try not to collide with your opponents – or the Parliament building! – in this wildly challenging course.

Flight Modes

With four flight modes, DCL – The Game serves up the perfect challenge for every experience level. Beginner? Arcade Mode gets you flying – fast! Already an amateur? Explore all the modes to amp up your skills. Highly experienced? Acro Mode is the elite training and racing playground you’ve been looking for.

  • D I F F I C U L T Y R A T I N G

    Arcade Mode

    Perfect for beginners, thanks to simplified control features and automatic assistance to maintain your altitude.

  • D I F F I C U L T Y R A T I N G

    GPS Mode

    Flies like a standard camera drone, but with stabilization and altitude control. GPS Mode is highly realistic, but not made for racing.

  • D I F F I C U L T Y R A T I N G

    Angle Mode

    Freedom to develop your style while still protected from radical pitch. (Like “Stabilized Mode” on amateur racing drones.)

  • D I F F I C U L T Y R A T I N G

    Acro Mode

    How the pros fly. It’s all on the pilot – complete control for competition at the highest level.