Who Won DCL23? Your Guide to the Epic Season & What’s Next!

From Dubai's desert heat to AlUla's ancient canyons, DCL23 was a non-stop drone racing rollercoaster. Buckle up and relive the ride!

2023 wasn’t just a year for the Drone Champions League (DCL), it was a supersonic sprint through a kaleidoscope of gravity-defying thrills, nail-biting finishes, and the emergence of drone racing royalty.

The season unfolded with thrilling races, fierce competition, and the ascent of new champions, creating an unforgettable saga in the realm of competitive drone sports.

Exhibition Extravaganza in Dubai: Salie1‘s Triumph Unleashed!
Before the Split 1 Finals kicked off, Dubai played host to an exhibition race that set the stage on fire. Eight skilled pilots, each representing a team, battled it out in the dynamic landscape. The crown, however, found its way to Salie1 (Alexandr Kholkin), who clinched victory in a gripping display of skill and strategy.

For those who missed the action, catch the excitement here:

Split 1: Raiden Racing Reigns Supreme by Lake Zurich, Switzerland
The scenic shores of Lake Zurich, Switzerland, bore witness to the coronation of Raiden Racing as the champions of Split 1. Their explosive piloting and strategic teamwork left an indelible mark on the DCL23 canvas, showcasing the epitome of drone racing prowess.

Relive the moments of their triumph here:

Split 2: XBlades Conquer the Skies in Abu Dhabi
As the DCL spectacle moved to the vibrant cityscape of Abu Dhabi for Split 2, XBlades Racing took center stage.

Their daring maneuvers and innovative approach to drone racing culminated in a resounding victory in the finals, solidifying their dominance.

Immerse yourself in the excitement of their triumph here:

Super Final: AlUla’s Epic Showdown: XBlades‘ Unrivaled Victory Continues
The grand finale unfolded at the historic AlUla’s OldTown Amphitheatre in Saudi Arabia, where XBlades Racing, the reigning champions, showcased electrifying style and unwavering determination.

Their victory in the Super Final cemented their status as the undisputed champions.

Their momentum was undeniable, propelling them towards the ultimate showdown.

Experience the grandeur of the Super Final here:

ZionFPV: Rookie of the Year
In a season teeming with talent, Zachary Ruschak, known as ZionFPV, claimed the coveted title of Rookie of the Year. His impactful debut season and instrumental role in helping his team reach the Split 2 Finals in Abu Dhabi marked him as a rising star in the DCL constellation.

PropsicleFPV: Pilot of the Year
Acknowledging excellence, Silas Aaron, also known as PropsicleFPV from Quad Force One, emerged as the Pilot of the Year.

His exceptional skills and contributions to Quad Force One exemplified the spirit of the DCL, earning him recognition as a true luminary in the drone racing community.

What’s Next: More Splits, More Races, More Locations in DCL 2024!
DCL23 may have concluded, but the engines are already warming up for 2024. More splits, more races, and unexplored terrains await, promising an even more electrifying season. As the echoes of DCL23 reverberate, brace yourselves for what lies ahead. The anticipation for the DCL 2024 season is already building.

The sky’s the limit, and the journey is just beginning.

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