Big Drone

Epic scale

The Big Drone’s ambition to be the first manned drone with aerobatic capabilities is a game-changer. Imagine a future where you can not only qualify through DCL – The Game for Drone Prix events, but qualify to race even bigger manned drones like this.


DCL is leveraging the expertise that comes from creating a heart-thumping motorsport to pioneer an innovation platform for future mobility: the Big Drone. The first aerobatic drone for human flight, the Big Drone is the future of racing. Check out the prototype at select Drone Prix events.

Big Drone Spec

The Big Drone has everything it takes to send a human in flight, and then some…

Static thrust

When it’s time to fly, the Big Drone’s propellers produce 300kg of thrust.

Takeoff weight

Fully loaded, the Big Drone can take off with a maximum weight of 165kg.

Unladen weight

Crafted from strong but lightweight materials, the Big Drone itself weighs only 98kg.

Top speed

It’s not only big – it’s fast, blazing top speeds of 140 km/h.


This ain’t no quadcopter. The Big Drone has 12 motors and propellers.


The Big Drone powerplant serves up 220 PS. That’s 217 brake horsepower.