Become a champion

Experience full immersion

Control your drone with a keyboard, gamepad or – the ultimate – transmitter. Arcade and GPS Modes suit beginners on a keyboard or gamepad. For full immersion, fastest times and your best chance of DCL Draft qualification, a transmitter is recommended (must be Windows or macOS compatible).

Thrilling challenges

DCL – The Game offers you numerous unique and varied game modes to train your skills, compete with other pilots, or just enjoy the freedom of flying.

  1. 1

    Free flight

    Discover vastly different worlds and get familiar with the controls. There’s no time pressure, just pure exhilaration.

  2. 2

    Time attack

    Go ahead. Test your skills on different tracks and compare your times with other pilots from your region or worldwide!

  3. 3

    Online multiplayer

    Ready to bring it? Compete in different disciplines against pilots from all over the world and show everyone what you’ve got!

  4. 4

    DCL draft selection

    To live the dream, take the absolute challenge. Register, clock the fastest times and qualify to battle the best for a DCL team seat!

Qualification process

The DCL welcomes all, and DCL – The Game gives you the chance to become a real-life Drone Prix Champion!

  1. Draft Selection

    Register for the draft and play DCL – The Game. Rank among the top times for an invite to the draft selection, where you’ll battle other hopefuls and meet team managers.

  2. Wildcard Pilots

    Join a Wildcard Team Challenge in DCL – The Game and you could qualify for a real-life race. Details on Wildcard entries will be announced race-by-race!

Become a champion