DCL24 Draft Selection: Your Fasttrack to Drone Racing Stardom!

Calling all drone aces! DCL24 Draft Selection takes flight Jan 27th and 28th. Hone your skills, prove your passion, join the elite. Sky's your launchpad. Are you ready?

Gear up, drone pilots! The ultimate test of skill and adrenaline is gearing up for its next chapter, and this time, you’re in the cockpit. The DCL24 Draft Selection is your chance to take flight and land a coveted spot on one of the professional DCL teams, each with a roster of elite pilots.

Gear up for the ultimate test of speed and precision! The DCL24 Draft Selection kicks off on January 27th, 12pm UTC with a 48-hour challenge. You’ll have unlimited attempts to conquer a brand-new track in DCL – The Game, but you can only submit your 5 fastest times. This high-pressure test mirrors the unforgiving nature of live racing – make every flight count!

Road to Glory: For those who make it to the top 50, a thrilling journey awaits. Top players on each platform (Steam, Xbox, PS4) will receive an exclusive online form, their passport to the world of professional drone racing.

Showcasing speed is just the beginning; we’re on the lookout for racers with technical prowess and the charisma to steal the spotlight.

HEADS UP: You’ve got 48 hours to fill out and send back the form. Upon completing the form confirms you’re open to being picked by ANY team. You can not already be in a contract with a team and enter the draft. Teams may have reached out to you before the draft, but its up to you discretion to decide if you sign with that team, or do not sign and then enter the draft event.

Remember, this is more than just fast fingers and lightning reflexes. The DCL is searching for exceptional individuals, not just technical prowess. Be prepared to showcase your technical knowledge, infectious enthusiasm, and camera-ready charm through an online form that reaches the eyes of team owners. It’s your chance to let your personality and experience beyond the virtual track take center stage.

DCL24 isn’t just about the thrill of competition; it’s about joining a family. Last year’s season was a roaring success, with pilots experiencing the electrifying atmosphere of exhibition races in Dubai, Finals across Lake Zurich and Abu Dhabi, and the awe-inspiring Super Final in AlUla, Saudi Arabia.

Witnessing the breathtaking landscapes and pushing your limits against the best in the world – that’s the dream that awaits.

So, take a deep breath, charge your transmitter, and prepare for takeoff. The DCL24 Draft Selection is your gateway to drone racing glory.

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to transform your passion into a professional reality.

This is your chance to be a part of the future of drone racing!

Download DCL – The Game on Steam, PS4, or XBox to take part: https://dcl.aero/game/download/

IMPORTANT: After the draft qualification phase, check your email (including spam/junk) for the selection form. Filling it out is mandatory to be considered by teams. The email will be sent to your registered in-game email address. Ensure it’s validated; otherwise, you won’t receive it and can’t be drafted.

PUBLISHED: Jan 16, 2024 AT 1:15 pM GST

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