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In their DCL debut season of 2018, the China Dragons made history as the first team to host a home race. Spectators at the Simatai section of the Great Wall, the backdrop for the Drone Prix Beijing, cheered every time the team’s orange dragon drones took flight, and the China Dragons ultimately finished seventh on the season.

In 2019, fans had more to get excited about, as the team, which boasts China’s top FPV pilots, captured their first DCL podium at the Drone Prix Torino and concluded their campaign in fifth overall. This is a team on the rise.

The Pilots

Ka Kei FPV

Ka Kei FPV

Ka Kei Leung

Full roster

Dennis Hochmann (skAve)
Daniel Ayre (FPRdan)
Ka Kei Leung (Ka Kei FPV)
Ronnie Chow (Rondo FPV)
Bo Chen
Jonathan Ficklin
Felix Grubbe
Yannick Henschel
Ken Inoue
Li Kunhuang
Brandon Kurtz
Haihong Sha
Haisen Kong (HAISEN)
Tristan Goin (Trinx)
Aljaz Sodin (Kadezh)