DCL22 Virtual Drone Grand Prix Stavanger Region, Norway

15 Oct 2022

Environment: Stavanger Region


The picturesque Stavanger Region of Norway will set the scene for the Season Finale of 2022. From the beaches of the North Sea to the peaks of the Fjords, including the charming towns between, the virtual racetrack possibilities are endless. Stavanger Region is a first in DCL history with innovative technology creating new environments with even more precision.

This is the final chance for the Teams to go full throttle and be crowned champions and with the leaderboard this tight you don’t want to miss it!

Dive down the cliffs with us for the Season Finale live on Twitch from 10:00 UTC.


  • China Dragons
  • Quad Force One
  • SDT Perpetuumcoin
  • Super Sonic X
  • XBlades Racing


All times are UTC