McDonald’s Switzerland is looking for eight pilots for the McDonald’s Wildcard Team at DCL’s Drone Grand Prix Vaduz, which will be held in the Liechtenstein capital on 17-19 October 2019. If you are a resident of Switzerland or Liechtenstein, you could be one of them!

In the Drone Champions League, anyone can enter the world of drone racing, and with the McDonald’s Drone Challenge you can play and qualify right at home to be on stage with the top teams in Vaduz. Here’s how it works:

  • The challenge window is open from 28 August until 27 September.
  • You must be a resident of Switzerland or Liechtenstein to be eligible for a place on the McDonald’s Wildcard Team in Vaduz.
  • Visit one of the McDonald’s locations listed below, or download the McDonald’s app to get the “Wildcard Challenge” code and details on how to enter.
  • Then, follow those entry instructions and play at home with DCL – The Game, the official video game of the DCL.
  • The eight fastest players in the McDonald’s Drone Challenge will be invited to the stop in Vaduz for a knock-out race. The four fastest pilots in the knock-out will advance to fly against the pros in the real Grand Prix Vaduz!

And there, anything can happen. The last McDonald’s Wildcard Team had big success against the best teams in the world. They battled their way through freezing conditions at the Grand Prix in Laax, Switzerland to make it to the semi-finals on both days and were the talk of the race.

Do you need your own drone to enter? No. Do you need skills to win? Definitely! And with spectacular tracks, highly realistic flight physics and modes for every skill level, DCL – The Game is the place to build them.

Need more incentive? Not only the top eight players will be winners in the McDonald’s Drone Challenge. All participants who get a Wildcard Challenge code and download and play DCL – The Game will be entered in a drawing to win some great prizes.

McDonald’s Drone Challenge Restaurant Tour

Below are the McDonald’s locations where you can pick up your Wildcard Challenge code from 28 August through 26 September. And also, the Drone Champions League will be touring these restaurants with the DCL – The Game station! Be sure to be there and play on the dates listed.

McDonald’s Etoy/ Tour stop 28.08.2019
McDonald’s Delémont/ Tour stop 29.08.2019
McDonald’s Lausanne Terreaux/ Tour stop 30.08.2019
McDonald’s Nyon Drive/ Tour stop 31.08.2019
McDonald’s Genève Praille/ Tour stop 01.09.2019
McDonald’s Bienne Drive/ Tour stop 04.09.2019
McDonald’s Pratteln/ Tour stop 05.09.2019
McDonald’s Olten/ Tour stop 06.09.2019
McDonald’s Dietlikon/ Tour stop 07.09.2019
McDonald’s Gossau/ Tour stop 08.09.2019
McDonald’s Luzern Pilatusstrasse/ Tour stop 11.09.2019
McDonald’s Zürich Letzipark/ Tour stop 12.09.2019
McDonald’s Winterthur/ Tour stop 13.09.2019
McDonald’s Wil/ Tour stop 14.09.2019
McDonald’s Weinfelden/ Tour stop 15.09.2019

Remember, the McDonald’s Drone Challenge closes on 27 September, so it’s time to fly. Get your Wildcard Challenge code today and start playing!

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