Every week, DCL The Game has a new challenge in store for you.

Compete against players, practice and refine your skills, and increase your chances of being selected for the Drone Champions League Draft selection in London in May 2020. Or, just have fun

Here are some of the challenges coming your way:

  • Sneak Peek Monday (worldwide) – starts 24th February

Take a sneak peek at next week’s Weekly Challenge track, available every Monday UTC time.

  • National Challenge every Monday to Friday (selected territories) – starts 2nd  March

A national, weekly challenge to pit your skills against other local pilots, from Monday to Friday local time.

  • Continental Challenge every Saturday & Sunday (Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania) – starts 7th March 

A continental, weekly challenge to pit your skills against other pilots from your continent, available Saturday & Sunday local time.


For the full list of individual events, check our calendar: dcl.aero/calendar

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