New Virtual Drone Champions League 2020 Calendar

It’s on! The Drone Champions League season will go ahead with a high-powered, multi-stop international calendar. And a new format that’s entirely virtual. At stake: the World Championship of professional drone racing teams.

The fifth DCL season will include a heart-racing series of Drone Grand Prix events showcasing the world’s best professional drone racing teams. But while the pilots will be real, the locations will be virtual on DCL – the Game. Here’s how it will play out…


The first virtual Drone Grand Prix of 2020 takes off in July with a return to Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Then in August it’s the bespoke virtual world of Proptown, USA, followed by the Great Wall of China. And finally, the teams go all out for the crown across two Swiss locations – LAAX and Lake Zurich – in one weekend.


As usual, eight top international teams of four pilots each compete at every Drone Grand Prix. Seven of the teams are permanent, vying for the World Championship. At every stop, one Wildcard Team is selected to compete for the single location victory.


Each location will challenge the pilots with not just one, but two tracks.


Qualifying decides the order for the race weekend. The first-place team in Qualifying is paired with the least successful (eighth place), second-best with seventh place, and so on.


The virtual season features a double heat, knockout format: In the opening round (eight teams), two pilots from one team go up against two pilots from the opposition. Head-to-head, they battle over six heats – three heats on Track 1 and three heats on Track 2. Then the remaining two pilots from each of the opposing teams complete their own six heats on the same tracks. After all four pilots from each team have raced, the team with the most points advances to the Semi-Finals (four teams). There, the process is repeated until just two teams reach the Final, racing to decide the Drone Grand Prix winner. Points are awarded, and at the end of the season, the team with the most points will be the 2020 World Champions.

Drone Champions League CEO Herbert Weirather said, “We’ve worked hard to find a way to deliver the sport to fans on every corner of the globe this year and the flexibility of the gaming world made it possible to take the calendar virtual. We’re going to pack entertainment into every stop.” Herbert continued, “With the amazing skills of these teams, the realism of the tracks on DCL – The Game and a World Champion to be crowned at the end, you’d better believe that it’s still going to be an exciting season. The pilots are absolutely raring to go.”

See it live! Each DCL Drone Grand Prix is broadcast live, worldwide on TV and online. Find out how to watch the virtual season:

Explore DCL – The Game:

DCL Virtual Drone Grand Prix Season 2020
18-19 July: Vaduz, Liechtenstein
8-9 August: Proptown, USA
22-23 August: Great Wall, China
3-4 October: LAAX/Lake Zurich, Switzerland

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