The lowdown on Vaduz, with team rosters!

Player moves, draft picks, renewed rivalries. DCL’s first Virtual Season is about to take off. And they’ll race on brand-new tracks that you can play.

This weekend, eight teams will jumpstart their 2020 campaign for the World Championship of professional drone racing teams at the Breitling Virtual Drone Grand Prix in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. In DCL’s first-ever Virtual Season, the drones and the conditions are exactly the same for everyone, putting the focus on the skills of pilots – who are second to none.

To look out for:
  • One weekend, four racetracks. The virtual tracks mirror the actual setting in the heart of Vaduz, yet allow gate configurations – and close-up camera angles – that would never be possible in real life. The teams will be challenged with two new tracks on Saturday, one daytime and one night-time. Then they’ll face a different pair of day and night tracks for Sunday’s race.
  • Intense Qualifying. Prior to the battles, the pilots will have 45 minutes on each track to qualify. It’s their only opportunity to fly on the actual tracks before the race, but they can’t afford to be too cautious, because Qualifying standings determine the race result if there’s a tie.
  • New team name. The Korean team formerly known as Veloce has a new name: Falcons Racing. And while their now 11-year-old phenom Minjae Kim is back, a familiar face is not…
  • Player moves. A big off-season shock: Falcons favorite Minchan Kim accepted a seat with Britain’s World Champion XBlades. Russia’s Drone Sports has seen Pawel Laszczak join the USA’s Quad Force 1 and Tomass Petersons move to Denmark’s APEX Racing. Meanwhile former APEX member Marcel Gregor will race for the China Dragons.
  • Draft picks. Teams snapped up 11 new pilots in the 2020 Draft, with top pick David Modig of Sweden going to Japan’s Raiden Racing. In the virtual format, can the drafted pilots, who are used to playing exclusively on DCL – The Game, race as well or better than experienced team standouts accustomed to real-life venues?
  • Huge motivation. Defending champs XBlades will be hunting a record fifth title. Among the favorites aiming to spoil their party: APEX Racing and Drone Sports Global, the second- and third-place finishers last season.


How to play the tracks

Starting Monday at 09:00am UTC, all four of the new Vaduz tracks can be played in DCL – The Game.

Same tracks, same conditions, same drones – so you can see how your times really compare to the pros. Be sure to let us know on social!

Where to watch

Follow the action on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th July at 14:00 UTC, on

Click HERE to set up a reminder!


Team Rosters for Breitling Virtual Drone Grand Prix Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Dane Grace
Erik Holden
Tomass Petersons
Andreas Klein

Haisen Kong
Daniel Ayre
Marcel Gregor
Aljaz Sodin

Kirill Fedukovich
Konstantin Kosolapov
Alexander Kholodnykh
Vitali Palianski

Ethan Kling
SeongMin Ko
Thomas Bitmatta
Minjae Kim

INDRONE (Wildcard Team, Spain)
Jordi Pérez Lladó
Marcel Lleixà Bergel
Oscar Estudillo Marin
Isaac Massot Sala

Alex Campbell
Aaron Silas
Pawel Laszczak
Colby Curtola

Tomohiko Koyama
Manuel Alejandro Garcia
David Modig
Vicent Mayans Cervera

Luke Bannister
Killian Rousseau
Ashton Gamble
Minchan Kim



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