Got €1,000,000? The Big Drone could be yours

In February, Drone Champions AG unveiled the world’s first manned aerobatic drone, and now it’s up for grabs, along with coaching from a World Champion.

We’ve told you about the Big Drone, the innovative concept of Drone Champions CEO Herbert Weirather that is the first, and only, manned drone to execute aerobatics like loops and rolls. It’s a key part of Herbert’s vision to make manned drone racing a reality in the future. And it’s available for purchase here – at a cool €1,000,000 – to a buyer who shares the passion for flight.

Want specs for this multi-rotor marvel? Of course you do…

Unloaded weight: 98kg

Take-off weight: 165kg

Motors: 12

PS/Horsepower: 22

Static thrust: 300kg

Top speed: 140 km/h

Because flying this one-of-a-kind craft is not for the uninitiated, the purchase bundle includes a full package:

  • DCL’s “Big Drone” manned drone
  • One week of introduction from World Champion pilot Mirko Cesena
  • DCL – The Game in the platform of the purchaser’s choice
  • Free shipping

“During our testing phase, I experienced what it’s like to fly in the Big Drone with Mirko on the controls, and there’s nothing like it. This is a lifetime opportunity for a collectors with foresight and a sense of adventure,” says Herbert, who is also co-founder of the DCL World Championship for professional quadcopter teams. “At Drone Champions, we aim to bring flying to as many people around the world as possible. And while to date there are only 3 of our Big Drones in the world , everyone can feel what it’s like to fly it inside DCL – The Game.”

With DCL – The Game, you can learn to fly, build your skills in head-to-head online battles, even qualify for the real-life DCL racing events… and get a head start on preparing for manned drone racing now.

More information about the Big Drone purchase package is available at:

Click here to purchase DCL – The Game, available in retail, on PlayStation4, XBoxOne and Steam.



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