Drone Champions AG unveils world’s first manned aerobatic drone

Drone Champions AG, the founder of DCL, has developed the first manned aerobatic drone, and initial testing is complete. The vision is to race manned drones in the future, and you can start training to fly them today on DCL – The Game.

Sure, a quadcopter can do aerobatics, but now, thanks to the innovative mind of DCL CEO Herbert Weirather, there’s a manned drone that can do rolls and loops as well.

The “Big Drone” is Herbert’s brainchild, and he personally assisted in the aircraft’s first outdoor test, sitting in the single-seat machine as it was piloted via RC controller by former Drone Champions League contender and multi-discipline champion Mirko Cesena in Vrsar, Croatia.

“We have developed and built the first-ever manned aerobatic drone with the vision to create a brand-new future racing experience and to recruit drone pilots through DCL – The Game,” Herbert explains. “Everyone should have the opportunity to fly, and DCL – The Game provides a starting point.”

In addition to training and playing up to 30 people in multi-player modes on DCL – The Game (released February 18th), users can qualify for real-life drone racing events like the Drone Champions League. Herbert sees DCL – The Game serving a similar function for the Big Drone contests that he envisions as a future facet of aerial motorsport.

After months of development, in early February, Drone Champions AG initiated testing of the Big Drone at an indoor facility in Germany before taking it to Vrsar for its maiden outdoor flights, where aerobatic maneuvers were successfully executed. On hand to witness the historic milestone were members of Flite Test, which produces expert content specifically to serve the RC community.

“I feel like this experience is honestly a new chapter for multi-rotors. To be able to have kids go into the hobby and aspire for bigger things is always a goal of Flite Test. To see them now aspire to actually fly a manned multi-rotor is absolutely incredible” exclaimed Josh Bixler from Flite Test.

Next, Drone Champions AG will use the test data to continue refinement of the Big Drone. Meanwhile, aspiring pilots can play DCL – The Game to build their skills for competition in the DCL tracks of today and the Big Drone battles of tomorrow.

Download DCL – the Game from February 18th and fly the Big Drone in the future. Available in retail, on PlayStation4, XBoxOne and Steam. Click here to purchase!

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