DCL is not only pure racing, but also a contest of engineering and design: all competing teams are allowed and encouraged to design and build their own RC quadcopters, as long as they comply with the following technical regulations.

The following parts will be provided by DCL:
• LEDs
• UniSense-E telemetry sensor
• Canopy
• HD camera system
• DC-DC converter
• Frame (if ordered by team)
• Timing transponder

Minimum weight: 835g
Maximum weight: 1000g
The weight of the copter is measured just before the start of each heat, in racing conditions (including everything: canopy, props, HD camera, battery, LEDs, etc.). If a copter is not within the weight limitations, its pilot will receive a red card.

Aerodynamic components
Aerodynamic enhancements are permitted within DCL parameters. For example, fins or wings are allowed, as long as they are not moveable or steerable. The steering of the copter must be achieved exclusively through the variation of the propeller’s rotation speed.

Power limit
The maximum power output should never exceed 1.8 kW. After each heat, DCL will analyze the maximum power output. If the measurement shows the power output was above 1.8 kW, the pilot will receive a red penalty card.

Batteries must not be overcharged. If DCL notices an overcharged battery, the pilot will receive a red penalty card.

At least one strong and rubberized battery strap should be used to anchor the battery to the frame. Each battery must also be anchored to the frame using 3MTM Dual LockTM adhesive tape or equivalent.

Flight controller
The “Turtle mode” feature or its equivalent is permitted – this allows the motors to spin backward and recover after crashes.

Team Colour and LEDs
DCL will assign a colour to every team at the beginning of the season.

The following copter components must be either the team’s colour or black:
• Frame
• Canopy – at least 50% of its visible surface
• Propellers – or transparent
• Battery
• Plastic parts (antenna mounts, camera mounts, etc.)

For uniformity, all copters of the same team must use the same LEDs and LED colour driver system. These special LED stripes will be provided by DCL in accordance with the team colour.

LEDs must be lit with the exact same colour and intensity at all times, and they must be repaired between races. The colour must be correct every time the copter is powered on. A copter with damaged, malfunctioning or low-intensity LEDs must be replaced immediately, or the pilot will receive a red penalty card.

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