DCL – The Game: Patch 1.2 Features

You’ve asked, we’ve listened, welcome to patch 1.2 of DCL – The Game.

We are excited to share this new and improved version of the game with features ranging from multiplayer ranking to transmitter support on Ps4 and user-managed teams! Get ready to update your gaming experience. Patch 1.2 is available on Steam and PlayStation4 on Monday 8 June.

Here are some of the features we will be adding and improving:  

Pilots and Teams Ranking System: according to their performance in ranked tournaments

Flight Physics: implemented more sophisticated drag and thrust calculations that address the “lunar gravity” feeling

PlayStation4 Transmitter Support: support for transmitters added as HID devices for PS4. We support the most common transmitters currently on the market, but if your preferred transmitter is missing please let us know on Discord.

UI and UX: many general improvements and tweaks, including a way to change level without being forced to go to the main menu, the ability to hide the HUD and many other quality-of-life features

Teams: players can now create and manage Teams, and they can compete in team events

Raceflow: added ability to join and invite friends to a Raceflow session

Special Raceflow: we will use this for special tournaments with special rules occasionally

Spectator Mode in Raceflow: it is now possible to spectate a Raceflow session

Audio Refactoring: including drone and ambient sounds, and adjusted the volume of the intro video 

Sandbox Environment and many more assets for Custom Tracks: in preparation for the future release of the track editor and more elaborate tournament tracks

Additional Tracks: tracks from the National Tournaments have been fully implemented in Time Attack and Raceflow, as well as the missing Reutte Racer’s Ruin

Anti-cheat: we improved and automated our anti-cheat features

Toggle HUD: it is now possible to hide the UI while flying

Branded Assets: Support for custom sponsored gates, banners and drone skins 

Better Video Resolution Support 

Performance Optimisation

General Bug Fixes: including the 130 props calculation, corrupted saved games, disconnections, server stability, etc.

We hope you enjoy this new version and don’t hesitate to send us feedback and suggestions! 

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