The German capital Berlin and Conrad Electronic are hosting the big season finale of the Drone Champions League on December 2nd and 3rd.

Until the end, the result of the drone racing season was open, three teams were able to get the title, only the last race in Berlin would determine the champion of the DCL 2017 season.

NEXXBlades Racing wins the day and the season
The United Kingdom team seemed to be unstoppable, taking the day’s win over NEXXBR Freeflow in the final race of the season, and thus the final points needed to emerge as the overall winner. With the star squad in the final, the competition had little chance. The four-star drivers Luke Bannister, Mac Poschwald, Gary Kent and Brett Collis were victorious after the victory. The German team Flyduino KISS Racing took the second place and Rotorama from the Czech Republic the third place in the overall standings.

The German teams played on Saturday
On Saturday, the first day of the DCL Conrad Electronic Grand Prix Berlin, the teams thrilled the audience and continued the excitement by setting the stage for the championship race on Sunday. As part of the Conrad Campus, the best pilots in the world were presented to thousands of spectators to prove that they are at the top of the world.

In the final there was an encounter between the German teams Flyduino KISS Racing and the host Conrad Racing Team. In a heated fight Flyduino KISS Racing won the night dominating the individual races and all 4 pilots, Niklas Solle, Sebastian Brandes, Lucas Wahl and Michal Fulara, finished the big race. With this victory, they positioned themselves for a possible season championship on Sunday.

Drone Champions League 2017: a reflection
After a sensational season finale in Berlin, the Drone Champions League can look back on a successful 2017 season. Spectacular locations are behind us – the first station directly at the Champs-Élysées in Paris with over 180,000 spectators, the second station in the heart of Liechtenstein right on the government square, the third station on the beautiful Mont des Arts in Brussels, the fourth station deep in the Caves of Salina Turda and not least the STATION Berlin. At the thrilling finale in Berlin, the team NEXXBlades Racing secured the victory of the 2017 season.

Drone Champions League 2018
For the coming season, we expect a total of 8 racing locations, which will take place predominantly in Europe. There will also be 2 overseas races, one of which will take place on the Asian continent. We expect an exciting season 2 of the Drone Champions League.

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