Got a free weekend? So have we!

Play DCL - The Game for FREE this weekend only on Steam. Race against your friends, fly for fun or simply try out a new game! If you want to be drafted into a Drone Racing Team to compete in the Drone Champions League 2020, this weekend is your last chance to get noticed.

Here’s how you can notch up a few flying miles on 3 types of drone configurations in 4 different gaming modes and some challenging racetracks:

Simply download DCL – The Game on Steam and play for FREE from March 26, 5pm UTC until March 29, 8pm UTC. Don’t forget to show off your skills and stream on Twitch!

That’s not it!

We’re also offering a special 34% discount on DCL – The Game during the same period, if you wish to enjoy uninterrupted drone flying even after the weekend is over.

For those who wish to roll up their sleeves and take on the competition, we’re flying into the last weekend of March, which is also the final opportunity to make the cut to be a part of a DCL team this season. March 30, 12noon UTC is the cut-off point for the draft selection qualification and only the top players across each platform (200 from Steam, 50 from Xbox and the 50 from PS4) will make their way to the DCL DRAFT SELECTION 2020.

So set your reminders to March 26, 5pm UTC and get free access here.

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