DCL20 Summer Trials Winners

The Northern Hemisphere summer has come and gone, and autumn is here. With the new season comes a new DCL20: it’s time for the Autumn Trials.

Every week we’ll have new events where you can unlock skins and add points to your leaderboard score. Prizes for top pilots on each platform will be announced soon.   

In the meantime, congrats to the DCL20 Summer Trials Winners, in order of rank:  



  1. RussellAR 
  2. gMan 
  3. xgoodvibesx 
  4. QtFPV 
  5. Nitr0 FPV 

Xbox One 

  1. pappawoody 
  2. RFXReign 
  3. llv Logic vll 

 Playstation 4 

  1. zeesh02 
  2. TRiiFiD 
  3. j0el_bradly 




  1. Team Hot Props 
  2. Spitfires FPV 

Xbox One 

  1. Cyclone

PlayStation 4 

  1. Lightning Elite 

 Good luck everyone for this season! 


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