The Drone Champions League made its second stop at the Expodronica in Madrid. In another breathtaking location, the bullfighting ring of Las Ventas, spectacular motorsports took place over the course of two days.

More than 40 different pilots fought in single and big heats over the quickest lap times and dominance in the arena. On the Fourth of July, the first racing day, NEXXBlades Racing from the United Kingdom was victorious and claimed the championship. Winning 250 points, pilots Heiko Schenk, Brett Collis, Gary Kent, and Luke Bannister finished atop the podium in first. The American team Quad Force One consisting of the pilots Andy Marachilian, Evan Turner, Alex Cambell, and Cory Ibanez managed to finish second with a total of 220 points. Third place, with 200 points overall, went to the Czech team Rotorama made up of the pilots Jakub Toman, David Svoboda, Lukas Lendvorsky, and Jan Votava.

On the second racing day, things did not look so promising for NEXXBlades Racing, the team completed the day empty-handed with a total of 0 points. The top 3 finishers were as follows:

  1. Quad Force One (USA) 250 points
  2. Rotorama (CZE) 220 points
  3. Raiden Racing (JPN) 200 points

The next race will take place in China.

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