On June 4, traffic along the Champs-Elysees stopped in Paris. Not cars but the racing drones of the 36 best FPV pilots in the world ensured a spectacular opening of the Drone Champions League 2017.

150,000 spectators were not only thrilled by the excitement and thrills, but a live stream ensured that the event and the pictures could also be experienced worldwide. The unique race event was also broadcast by TV stations in over 100 countries.

PARISER DROHNEN-FESTIVAL: Not cars, but drones along the Champs-Élysées was the motto on Whitsunday: last year Paris gave the small aircraft its own festival for the first time, and its great success rightly demanded a revival.

The integration of the Drone Champions League into the “Paris Drone Festival” provided the organisers with perfect conditions.

NEW RACE FORMAT: In the new race format DCL focuses on the performance of the entire team. In contrast to the current racing format, the so-called heats are easier to follow on the race track with only two team colours. Strategy and tactics are now among the new challenges of the teams, which lead to more tension and rivalries. The new concept has proven itself, because the audience experienced excitement and emotion at the opening event in Paris. The format was adapted exclusively for this race, as we had to return the Champs-Élysées to Paris.

UNIQUE, EXCITING AND SPECTACULAR: A unique course with various “obstacles” challenged the pilots to do everything they could. The race track was not only unique, but also very exclusive and extraordinary: the drones crossed a 600-meter underground tunnel under the Arc de Triomphe. The favourites had to compete in the qualifiers, the Flyduino Kiss Racing team had the best time in the qualifiers.

Tense finale: The tension developed in the previous races, where the race director had to prove his own extraordinary nerves and his stability. In the semi-final the teams NexxBR Freeflow and Rotorama went to the finalists and the final to the teams Flyduino KISS Racing and In an exciting team fight, eight drones flew in a frenzy with the Germans, who outlived their Swiss rivals.

FLYDUINO KISS RACING WIN THE ARC DE TRIOMPHE: Finally the Flyduino KISS Racing team won against the tough competition in the final; the joy was great. Lucas choice “Z” was the team’s favourite in the final, but it was his teammate Niklas Solle “Upsidedown FPV” who first hit the crash gate!

PILOTS SHOULDER TO SHOULDER: The world’s best pilots were mixed by eight teams in the field. The pilots enjoyed getting involved with the fans and future fans of the drone race. They shared their enthusiasm for the growing sport of drone racing when they took photos with the Parisians and welcomed them.

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