Drone Champions League Returns

After the first season, the Drone Champions League is preparing for the start of the second season with a robust schedule and a new racing format.

Scenic backdrops and existing structures contribute to the unique race tracks in the DCL program. Last season’s first stop was in Reutte, Tyrol, where drones raced through and around a castle ruin on the Austrian Alps. The second station was deep below the surface in the Salina Turda salt works in Cluj, Romania. The schedule for the second season is picking up speed with more races at monumental locations.

4 June: Champs-Élysées, Paris, France
12-13 August: Austria
23-24 September: Mont des Arts, Brussels, Belgium
14-15 October: Salida Turda, Cluj, Romania
November: Asia
2-3 December: Berlin railway station, Berlin, Germany

With a new racing format DCL puts team performance in the foreground. More excitement, strategy, emotions and awareness will be products of DCL’s new format.

The qualification rounds consist of individual time trials; the total times determine the starting position of a team in the final rounds. Quarter and semi-final rounds have 3 rounds each, in which two teams with 4 pilots compete against each other. The first two rounds are 1 against 1 or individual rounds; the winner of the fight receives 1 point on the total number of his team during this round. The third run, or big run, is 4 vs. 4 and the first drone to hit the goal wins a point for his team. A bonus of 2 points is awarded in the big races when pilots of the same team finish in places 1, 2 and 3. The final round is similar in structure, but with additional individual competitions, so that each pilot starts in a 1 against 1 race before the last big run.

The races will be easier to follow on the track with only 2 team colours. The teams will develop strategies, build tensions and develop rivalries as the DCL season makes its way through Europe.

On Sunday, 4 June, traffic on the Champs-Élysées will stop – traffic on the ground. The expected 150,000 visitors to the Paris Drones Festival will bury their heads in the sand at the start of the 2017 drone racing season. Eight DCL teams fly directly on the most prominent road in Paris and then dive through a 600 m long tunnel under the Arc de Triomphe – a truly unique and extraordinary route.

To ensure an entertaining event, appropriate measures will be taken with 400 local security forces. DCL pilots will sign autographs during a meet and greet with Drone Racing fans. VIP guests enjoy an exclusive program for an unforgettable experience in Paris.

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