Each Season of the DCL Trials lasts for 3 months, DCL will announce the exact start and end dates. Each Season will reward the highest ranked Solo Pilots and Teams with in-game or real-world prizes. The Seasons will be separated by platform (Steam, PlayStation4, XBOXOne).

Each player has a Solo Rank Score, that can be gained through Ranked Solo Tournaments and Raceflow Each team has a Team Rank Score, that can be gained through Team Events 

The 5 highest scoring Tournaments results of each Season will count towards the overall Solo or Team Rank Scores. Players and Teams can choose to participate in any National, Continental or Special Ranked Tournament, but only the best result will be counted for each week (no more than 1 National and 1 Continental per week will be counted). With the next patch there will be a limitation on how often Pilots and Teams can change their Country. 

Each Ranked Tournament will reward Rank Score proportionally to: 

  • The number of Pilots or Teams that completed the Tournament (more participants: more points) 
  • The Pilot or Team Positioning (better final position: more points) 
  • The Prestige of the Tournament (some might be worth more points) 
  • Solo Tournaments with less than 10 participants will not reward any Solo Rank Score 
  • Team Tournaments with less than 5 participants will not reward any Team Rank Score 

At the end of each Season the Solo and Team Rank Scores will decay, rewarding continuity while allowing new talents to emerge. 

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