DCL20 Summer Trials are here!

The second season of the DCL20 Trials is kicking off on June 29th and running through until September 30th 2020.

Patch 1.2 on PS4 and PC/Mac means that ranking is fully integrated and displayed in-game and allows players to join Teams of up to 8 pilots.

  • Each Pilot and each Team will gain Rank Points during a Season Title, by joining ranked Tournaments and special Events (like the weekly individual tournaments, or team tournaments).
  • Only the best results will concur to the Pilot and Team Rank Score (you will have more chances to improve your score by placing better in various Tournaments).
  • Pilots and Teams will gain Rank Points proportionally to the size and prestige of the Tournament (e.g. a continental Event with hundreds of players will count more than a small local Tournament).
  • The Pilot and Team Rank score will partially carry over to the following Season.
  • Official DCL pilots who are on the DCL team roster for 2020 are eligible to compete but are NOT eligible to win real—world prizes. If a team has 1 pro pilot, it will be considered “pro” and not eligible for prizes. Sorry guys!
  • For now, we have substantially reduced the points gained with raceflow, we will rise them again once we improve the ghosts selection mechanism

At the end of the season the Pilots and Teams with the highest global Rank Score will be rewarded with real-world prizes, offered by our sponsors.

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