DCL20 Spring Trials – Results

After 3 months of racing, the first season of the DCL20 Trials has finished – here are your winners!

We are glad so many of you got involved – here are your winners for the DCL20 Spring Trials. We’ll be getting in touch with you to organise your prizes!

The top 4 pilots in the following categories will receive prizes:

Steam (pro pilot):
  • Euler (Apex)
  • Zephatalien (Raiden Racing)
  • keepy_fpv (Apex)
  • andreas_fpv (Apex)
Steam Top 4 (amateur pilots):
  • RussellAR
  • Nitr0 FPV
  • DutchFPV
  • HaloWalker03
Xbox One:
  • llv Logic vll
  • pappawoody
  • Shaigne
  • RFXReign
  • zeesh02
  • Zkrilla-YT
  • TRiiFiD
  • l-l-_l-_-I_-I-I

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