Welcome New Pilots!

Much like the Avengers, as the season goes on, the DCL Teams add incredibly talented pilots to their roster. If drone racing speed and skill saved the world, Thanos wouldn’t stand a chance.

After the first DCL Draft Selection in May 2021, Teams were given a chance to do a second round of recruitment for the season. A second Draft was initially planned between race 3 and 4 but due to change in circumstance, Teams picked new pilots through a “Free Pick” system in October 2021. They were given a deadline and could recruit a maximum of 2 pilots each.  

Here are the newest DCL Pilots, lookout for them in the upcoming races: 


Drone Sports Global 

  • Sebastian Espinal Ferreira aka SebaFPV from the Dominican Republic 
  • Tomass Petersons aka Tope FPV from Latvia (on loan from Apex Racing)

Spain Drone Team 

  • Marcel Lleixá aka Marcel Lleixá Bergel from Spain 

XBlades Racing 

  • Beckett Alister Emil aka Verrilli Noical from the USA 
  • Marvin Schäpper aka Marv_FPV from Switzerland


Welcome new pilots and good luck! 

 P.S Don’t miss the next Virtual Drone Grand Prix where all Teams will be competing for their chance to be champion in Laax, Switzerland. Live on Twitch on the 30th  and 31st of October from 11:00 UTC.  

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