The Drone Champions League 2020 Draft Selection has come and gone and we’re finally ready to unveil the 2020 season team picks.

To recap, DCL – The Game, a drone racing simulator for PC/Mac & console, was launched in February 2020, which would allow pilots to secure a spot for the Draft Selection 2020. Seven DCL Teams would use this opportunity to select a total of 21 pilots to join their respective teams.

Pilots had between the 18th of February and the 31st of March to set their best time on qualification track, with the top 300 fastest pilots moving on to the next round (200 pilots from Steam, 50 from PlayStation 4, and 50 from Xbox One).

140 of the top 300 pilots took part in a secret Draft Race and had 24 hours to prove themselves.

After reviewing the draft qualifiers, the draft race, as well as a questionnaire sent to the pilots about their experience and getting to know them as a person; the team managers made their picks. Priority went to the team who was on the bottom of the table at the end of the 2019 season, and the final pick would go to the winner of the 2019 season.

So without further ado, in order, here are your brand new Drone Grand Prix 2020 pilots:

Raiden Racing

  • Manuel Garcia aka Manny H!mself
  • Vincent Mayans Cervera aka Thunder_FPV
  • David Modig aka Longcat
  • Zephatali Walsh aka zephatalien

Quad Force One

  • Colby Curtola aka SFPV
  • Jimmy Longo aka JLongoPoker
  • Aaron Silas aka Propsicle

China Dragons

  • Haisen Kong aka HAISEN
  • Tristan Goin aka Trinx
  • Aljaz Sodin aka Kadezh


  • Axel Mario Lengkong aka AXL.FPV

Drone Sports

  • Kirill Fedukovich aka Nifkaa
  • Gennady Fomin aka GenFo
  • Alexander Kholodnykh aka the23
  • Vitali Palianski aka VIPA FPV


  • Andreas Klein aka
  • Josef Hauer aka Euler
  • Jordy Peek aka keepydroj (keepy_fpv)


  • Harry Holmes aka HolmsieFPV
  • Owen Knight aka Knighthawk
  • Mikolaj Kolasinski aka Emmet Brown

In a surprise twist, a trade was made between XBlades and APEX, who had initially landed with Jordy Peek and Harry Holmes respectively and then switched.

Another notable change is Axel Mario Lengkong, who was a Raiden Racing pilot last year, went through the draft selection process to find a new team and was picked by Veloce.

This is only the beginning of the twists and turns we are expecting this season, so stay tuned for a cracking Drone Grand Prix 2020, taking place in 4 virtual locations, 8 tracks, and available to stream on video platforms around the world.

Bring on July.

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