It’s about time: we’ve just deployed 1.03 PATCH on PS4

You’ve been patient whilst we were grinding, but the wait is finally over: the latest patch for DCL – The Game on PlayStation 4 is now live!

Here’s what we’ve updated:
  • Fixed leaderboards display issue
  • Fixed drone tuning/profiles navigation
  • Improved anti-cheat diagnostics
  • Fixed slow ghosts display issue
  • Fixed event rewards notification issue
  • Fixed kicker ramp gate asset
  • Fine-tuning of the propwash effect (flight physics)
  • Extended transmitter support: now many more devices should work correctly

Please let us know on Discord if you’re still experiencing issues


Transmitters currently supported:

  • Betaflight 4.1 passthrough
  • Betaflight 4.2 passthrough
  • Frsky dongle
  • OpenTX 22x – Frsky QX7/X9D/X-lite/Jumper
  • OpenTX 23x – Frsky QX7/X9D/Horus/RadiomasterTX16S
  • Flysky Dongle
  • Flysky FS-i6XCN
  • Flysky Nirvana
  • Spektrum WS1000
  • Tbs Tango 2
  • Turnigy Evolution

Transmitters with problems that we’re investigating:

None so far

Betaflight passthrough:

First things first: REMOVE THE PROPS

In betaflight use the CLI command “set usb_hid_cdc = on”, save and connect the flight controller to the ps4 with a normal USB cable. Now whatever input the drone receives from the receiver will be detected by the game!

Once again please remember to REMOVE THE PROPS (many receivers don’t power up on usb power alone and you’ll need to plug in a battery): the drone CAN STILL ARM AND SPIN THE MOTORS!

Other transmitters and flight controllers:

We can add other transmitters with a little help from someone who has a windows 10 PC, the transmitter/fc in question, and is willing to scan it for us (it takes 3 minutes). If you qualify please write to the DCL team on Discord or one of our social networks. The community and DCL will be thankful!


Happy gaming – From Your DCL Dev Team!

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