Taking a trip down memory lane, the Castle Ruins of Reutte, Austria, is where the very first DCL race ever took place, in 2016. The Castle foundations served as a foundation for DCL to get to where we are today. This is the final race before the summer break, so don’t miss the gut punching action!

Here are the teams that will compete at the upcoming Virtual Drone Grand Prix Reutte, Austria , in RACE #3


China Dragons

Star23467 (Germany, team captain)

Cr3at0rgamer (Germany)

Kenrick FPV (Indonesia)

IonFPV (India)

Women’s Cup Pilot: DuoNa FPV (China)

Team Owner/Manager: Ronnie Chow


Quad Force One

Propsicle (USA, Team Captain)

Akdrones (USA)

Jakehammer (USA)

Leviathann (USA)

Burkan (Bulgaria)

Women’s Cup Pilot: Roo (USA)

Team Manager: Matt Nowakowski


Raiden Racing

Longcat (Sweden, Team Captain)

Vicent Mayans (Spain)

Kosta FPV (Germany)

IQ0 (Australia)

Women’s Cup Pilot: Silent (USA)

Team Owner: Yu Kotera

Team Manager: Longcat


Spain Drone Team (SDT Perpetuumcoin)

Silvio (Spain, Team Captain)

Alex Zamora (Spain)

Cloud FPV (Poland)

Danoob (Spain)

Women’s Cup Pilot: Leslie C (Mexico)

Team Owner/Manager: Juan Antonio Riobóo



Super Sonic X

Jordy Peek (Team Captain, Netherlands)

MinJae Kim (Korea)

Colin Chaigne (France)

Lukas Böhm (Germany)

Women’s Cup Pilot: GaYoen Mo (Korea)

Team Owner/Manager: HJ Son


XBlades Racing

Yayou (France)

FPV Gilbert (UK)

Salie1 FPV

Darkex (France)

Women’s Cup Pilot: LeoOnFire (Italy)

Team Owner: Richard De Aragues

Team Manager: Paul Jaggers

Don’t miss our action-packed Virtual Drone Grand Prix where all Teams will be competing for their chance to be champion in Reutte, Austria. Live on Twitch on the 18th of June from 10:00 UTC.