The DCL Draft Selection Qualification for the first DCL Women’s Cup 2021 has started

The DCL Women's Cup will take place for the first time in 2021, with female drone pilots competing for the title in front of an impressive virtual surrounding. Interested female pilots can now apply for one of the coveted team spots by showing their flying talent.

Qualification has been running since April 19th. Female pilots, and those across the gender spectrum, from all over the world can demonstrate their flying talent from the comfort of their homes until May 14th. All that is needed for virtual qualifying is the FPV drone flying simulator DCL – The Game. This is available as a physical version in stores or as a digital download via Steam, PlayStation or Xbox.


Speed and technical knowledge to make it to the drone team

The best pilots on each platform (200 on Steam, 50 each on PlayStation 4 and Xbox) get the opportunity to introduce themselves to the teams. The fastest time is not all that counts as good technical knowledge is also essential in drone racing and is considered accordingly. In addition, participants can also convince the teams by showcasing their success and experience outside the DCL.

All pilots who make it among the fastest will be invited to a final race. On May 22nd  starting at 12pm UTC, they will have 24 hours to fly the best possible time on an entirely new racetrack. After that, the teams will make their final selection, which will be announced on Monday, May 31st. Each team will be allowed to select two female pilots from the draft selection for the Women’s Cup. The team that finished last in the final standings of the 2020 DCL World Championship will have the first pick. Teams will also have the opportunity to nominate additional female pilots for the DCL World Championship in addition to the two picks for the Women’s Cup.


Seven breath-taking race weekend around the virtual globe

The female pilots who have made it into a team will then compete against each other in a total of seven race weekends in the Women’s Cup from June to November 2021. The first six races will take place at virtual locations around the world, which will provide just as much adrenaline as the real tracks. The venues include the USA, Switzerland and China. The final race weekend is set to take place in a real-life physical location.

Each race day of the Women’s Cup is divided into four so-called heats. Each of the seven teams is represented by a pilot in one heat. All seven pilots race the same time against each other – referred to as a “Big Heat”. After each heat, the final position of the pilot results in a fixed number of points. The team with the most cumulative points after all four heats wins the race day. A team may only use one pilot per race day. Of course, this pilot can be exchanged on other race days.

Finally, in November, after all seven race weekends have been contested, the winning team will be crowned. The Women’s Cup Champion is the team that has scored the most points through race day victories.


About the Drone Champions League

The Drone Champions League (DCL) is the recognized championship for professional drone racing teams: an innovative racing series that blends the boundaries between virtual and reality. Since 2016, DCL has brought together the world’s best drone pilots, who qualify for each race day via DCL – The Game and then compete in international teams in some of the world’s most spectacular locations, from global capitals to surreal natural wonders.

The LED-lit racing drones, controlled by pilots wearing virtual reality goggles, fly head-to-head and at more than 160 km/h through the customized tracks. Whoever finishes first wins, and the gaps between the drones are only marginal. Every DCL race day is broadcast live on TV and online worldwide. In 2021, the DCL season with DCL – The Game will be held in a virtual world with real replicated cities as well as a Grand Finale in a real-life location.

DCL partners include Red Bull, Breitling, sportsWorld and IQONIQ. For more information:

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