DCL season 2017 brings a more robust schedule and a new racing format and promises exciting battles in incredible locations across the globe – first stop, Paris.

As the feature partner of the Paris Drone Festival, DCL will race on one of the most famous streets of the world, the Champs-Élysées.  Paris Drone Festival held its first annual event in 2016 and by featuring DCL this year, aims to make the event bigger and better!


On Sunday June 4th, traffic on the Champs-Élysées will come to a stop – traffic on the ground, that is.  An expected 150,000 visitors of the Paris Drone Festival will have their heads turned to the skies as DCL kicks-off its 2017 drone racing season. Eight DCL teams, made up of Europe’s and the world’s best pilots, will fly directly on the most prominent street in Paris and then dive below the surface through a 600m tunnel under the Arc de Triomphe – a truly unique and exceptional track.


DCL Paris will be broadcasted live-stream on DCL Facebook and YouTube channels.  Coverage from the Avenue des Champs-Élysees begins at 17:30 CET.  Regular updates and exclusive content are available at dcl.aero and by following DCL:


Scenic backdrops and preexisting structures contribute to the unique race tracks in the DCL schedule.  Last season’s first stop was in Reutte, Tirol where drones raced through and around a ruined castle atop the Austrian Alps.  The second stop was deep below the surface in the Salina Turda salt mines in Cluj, Romania.  The season two schedule picks up the pace with more races in monumental locations.

  • June 4th:  Champs-Élysées, Paris, France
  • August 12-13th:  Austria
  • September 23-24th:  Mont des Arts, Brussels, Belgium
  • October 14-15th:  Salina Turda, Cluj, Romania
  • November:  Asia
  • December 2-3rd:  Station Berlin, Berlin, Germany


With a new racing format, DCL puts the spotlight on team performance.  Qualifying rounds consist of individual time trials; collective times determine a team’s seed position in the final rounds.  Quarter, semifinal and final rounds consist two teams facing off in both one vs. one and team vs. team battles. Races will be easier to follow with only 2 team colors on the track.  Teams will strategize, tension will build and rivalries will develop as the DCL season makes its way across Europe.

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