Drone Champions League announces partnership with Stavanger Region

The Drone Champions League (DCL), the international FPV drone racing championship, is proud to announce our partnership with the Stavanger Region, the event region of Norway. The Stavanger Region is no stranger to hosting large scale offline and online events, and DCL is no stranger to organizing them: a partnership made in Nordic heaven.

DCL races have taken place in some of the world’s most spectacular locations, such as the Great Wall of China, the Champs Elysees of Paris in France, or the snow slopes of Laax in the Swiss Alps.

It comes as no surprise that the Stavanger Region is the perfect place for DCL races with its spectacular scenery and natural attractions”, says an enthusiastic Dominik Renner, Project Manager at DCL.

“This region displays spectacular scenery and attraction out of this world and this Norwegian drone racing virtual platform will be better than ever.“ Continues Dominik. “We are excited to present this new location to our Drone Champions League Teams and Spectators, see their reactions, and get their feedback.”

Between the beaches of the North Sea, the peak of the Fjords, beautiful cities rich in history and culture, and everything in between, the Stavanger Region boasts such a diverse array of attractions that DCL is making into multiple “environments” in DCL – The Game.

DCL – The Game is an FPV drone racing simulator where real life locations are translated into virtual racetracks, with the locations and race physics being practically the same. The Stavanger Region will provide an array of racetracks for drone enthusiasts, eSports fans, and professional racers, whether it’s flying through the towns or trying to avoid crashing into the water.

Viewers of DCL live races can discover all these locations in the DCL22 Virtual Grand Prix Stavanger Region, Norway, on Saturday 15th of October 2022, live on Twitch.

Locals will be able to enjoy a viewing of the race on a big screen in the new eSport Center Haven at Ullandhaug in the Stavanger Region.

This is only the beginning, as DCL will be live offline with physical drone racing in 2023, which will include a Norwegian team taking part in the races too. The large drone and eSports communities in Norway have some talented pilots who will fly for their chance to be champions.

Not only is the Stavanger region home to world recognised iconic scenery, but it also boasts some of the most innovative technology in the world, working with eco-friendly energy sources and even developing the first ever public electric airplane route. With DCL always striving to be at the top of innovation, such as creating the world’s first ever manned aerobatic drone, the possibilities for a long-term partnership are endless.

The region launches an education related to drones from 2023 and the business communities are recruiting human resources for the booming drone industry and technical staff in general. So, you are welcome both to visit and to stay!

Viewers can discover the Stavanger Region by visiting Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), retracing the steps of Vikings in the Fjords, swimming with salmon in the Suldalslågen river, and walking on the moon in the Magma UNESCO Global Geopark, to name a few.


See the development of DCL from physical drone racing to a hybrid online/offline sport:
DCL Transformation Trailer


For more information about the Drone Champions League project
in the Stavanger Region, please contact:

Anette Larsen Bognø – Director of Events, Region Stavanger –
+47 99113883, anette.larsen@regionstavanger.com

Manuel Urban – Director Business Development, Drone Champions League –

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