On 8 January 2019, the world’s leading drone racing series Drone Champions League (DCL) will exclusively release a free early demo of the official drone racing simulator DCL – The Game on the internet sales platform Steam.

This action-packed demo with different levels of difficulty allows beginners and professionals alike to test their skills on more than 10 original race tracks. This racing revolution is based on Unreal Engine 4 and was developed in close cooperation with 40 professional drone pilots. The full version of the official drone racing simulator will be released for PC on 1 November 2019. In addition, console, Mac and mobile versions are currently being developed.

Within a few years only, drone races have developed from a niche sport into major crowd-pullers. In 2017, 180,000 spectators watched the DCL’s spectacular event on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Racing drones accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h within only 1.8 seconds and reach a maximum speed of more than 160 km/h, providing all the right ingredients for ultimate excitement and breathtaking races where even the smallest mistake can make the difference between winning and losing.


DCL – The Game enables beginners as well as professionals to gain a competitive, high-speed experience while sitting at their PC at home, including races against ghosts that defend the best performances of other players, open multiplayer games and online competitions. Four different flight modes guarantee that gamers quickly find the perfect setting for their individual skill level. DCL – The Game is currently the only drone simulation on the market that offers an arcade mode. It features fully activated stabilization of the unmanned flying devices which makes it ideal for beginners who prefer to use keyboards or gamepads instead of professional radio control. On the other hand, the manual acro mode is definitely a must for all experienced drone pilots wanting to hone their skills or flight routes on particularly challenging competition tracks through an even more immersive experience.


“We specifically studied flight physics in a wind tunnel and transferred this to the game to create the sensation of piloting a drone that is as authentic as possible. This is where we are distinctly different from our competitors,“ explains aerospace engineer and DCL CEO Herbert Weirather. Additionally, feedback of 40 professional drone pilots fed into the development of DCL – The Game to recreate the authentic flight characteristics of drones. The races take place on racing tracks that were spectacular DCL venues of the recent past, such as snow-covered half-pipes in Laax in the Swiss mountains or the Ehrenberg Castle ruins in Tyrol. Each location comes with unique new challenges and demands different skills from the pilots. Players that want to get creative can also design their own tracks using the track editor and share them with friends and the community.


DCL – The Game is perfect to practice the most challenging and spectacular tracks in the world. I use it all the time to stay in shape, also if I don’t have enough time to go to outside to fly and practice.” – Angelo Felchle, DCL drone pilot (Team Air Carvers Germany)

“Amazing! DCL – The Game feels like flying a real drone.” – Alex Campbell, DCL drone pilot (Team Quad Force One)

DCL – The Game is by far the best drone simulator on the market. It enables pilots to compete with each other on authentic DCL tracks in epic locations. I can‘t wait to race against my best friends online.“ – Andrzej Krasny, Netherlands Drone Racing Champion 2018

“Our flight simulator is for beginners and professionals alike. Beginners can use DCL – The Game to experience their first flights without having to invest a lot of money while pros can improve their skills and practice on challenging tracks at the other end of the world.” – Herbert Weirather, CEO, DCL


The drone simulator was developed by Climax Studios and is based on Unreal Engine 4. As a minimum it requires Windows 7 as operating system as well as an Intel Core i5-670 processor, 4 GB of working memory and a Nvidia GeForce GTX650 graphics card. Windows 10, an Intel Core i7 4770k processor, a Nvidia GeForce GTX970 graphics card as well as 8 GB of RAM are recommended.

The early DCL – The Game demo for PC can be downloaded for free here and be played from 8 January 2019. The beta release is scheduled for September 2019 and the final release for 1 November 2019.

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