Meet the 10 Teams Competing in the DCL Grand Prix 2023 Season

The Drone Champions League (DCL) Grand Prix 2023 season is almost here, and excitement is building among drone racing enthusiasts around the world. This season will feature ten teams, each with a unique roster of pilots, support staff, and cutting-edge technology. Let's take a closer look at the team rosters for this year's competition.

Let’s take a closer look at the team rosters for the first split’s competition.

Fans of drone racing will be thrilled to see the return of some of the top teams in the league, including XBlades Racing and Raiden Racing, both of whom have a strong track record of success in past seasons. Additionally, the league has introduced a new teams, including Mach1, which is the first-ever women’s drone team to compete in the DCL.

Raiden Racing:

The current world champions, This team is known for its skill and speed, and they will be led by top pilots such as Thunder, Kosta, and Longcat.

1 Pilot/ Manager David Modig Longcat
2 Pilot Vicent Mayans THUNDER_FPV
3 Pilot Konstantin Sonnentag Kosta FPV
4 Pilot Evan Desautels silent
5 Pilot Gabriel Barrasso IQ0
6 Pilot Yuki Matsuyama Mattyo FPV
7 Pilot Andreas Klein Andreas_FPV
8 Pilot Yuki Hashimoto yukifpv


This team has a reputation for being one of the best in the league, having achieved the rank 1 position multiple times in the past. After a challenging season last year, they are more determined than ever to reclaim their title and show the world what they are capable of. Watch out for this talented team as they bring their A-game to the competition this year.

1 Pilot Ashton Gamble Drobot
2 Pilot Swan Versmissen Yayou
3 Pilot Alexander Kholkin Salie1
4 Pilot Kieran Tucker razbri
5 Pilot Julius Jäger ViolinFPV
6 Pilot Colin Chaigne Shaigne.
7 Pilot MinJae KIM Minjae
8 Pilot Thomas Kund Star23467

SDT Perpetuumcoin:

Give a warm welcome to the talented pilots of SDT PERPETUUMCOIN! This team proved their worth in the previous season, delivering impressive performances that left everyone in awe. With renewed passion and determination, they’ve been putting in countless hours of practice to take their skills to the next level. Expect to see some thrilling maneuvers and innovative strategies as they push their way to the top of the leaderboard this season.

1 Pilot Albert Rosinés Cueto Blessed Fpv
2 Pilot Daniel Borrega Villalba DAN00B
3 Pilot Jayden Jackson Shrimpy Boy
4 Pilot Marcell Lleixà Bergel Seasky_FPV
5 Pilot Nate YomTov NateYT
6 Pilot Silvio Camejo Ramos Silvio fpv
7 Pilot Stuart Francis Squid-FPV
8 Pilot YounGi Han HYG FPV

China Dragons:

The only team representing Asia in the competition, China Dragons have assembled a team of highly skilled pilots, including Cr3at0rGamer, gMan, and Cryson, to compete for the championship.

1 Pilot Doruk Cengiz DoruK FPV
2 Pilot Kenrick Lin kenrickfpv
3 Pilot Krutharth Chickmagalur IonFPV
4 Pilot Lukas Böhm Cryson
5 Pilot Lukas Rau Cr3at0rGamer
6 Pilot Sheng Yi Ran DuoNa FPV
7 Pilot James Govey CloneNo1
8 Pilot Max Heiligman gMan

Quad Force One:

This team has been making waves in the drone racing world, and they will be looking to make a big impression in the 2023 season. Pilots such as HeadsUP and PropsicleFPV will be leading the charge.

1 Pilot Colin Rountree Proximo
2 Pilot Dimo Dimitrov Shterev Burkan
3 Pilot Evan Turner HeadsUP
4 Pilot Levi Johnson Leviathann
5 Pilot Quinton Hansen QTFPV
6 Pilot Ryan Martin AKDRONES
7 Pilot Silas Aaron PropsicleFPV
8 Pilot Spencer Cannizzaro Screecher

Alpha Prop Racing:

Introducing the roster of Alpha Prop Racing, a team that has quickly risen through the ranks to compete in the pro series. They have worked tirelessly to hone their skills and are ready to prove themselves in the pro circuit. With fierce competition from teams like Cyclone, the competition will be intense, but Alpha Prop Racing is confident in their ability to hold their own. Keep an eye on this up-and-coming team as they make a name for themselves in the world of drone racing.

1 Pilot Javier De Juan Bravo Djan Braverick
2 Pilot Gabriele Principe gabriprince
3 Pilot Jordi Picó Filgueira VinagresFPV
4 Pilot Jordy Peek keepy_FPV
5 Pilot Kevin Marshall LazyDay
6 Pilot Miguel Fernández Meca MikroMecanee
7 Pilot Susan Smith Roo

Cyclone Drone Racing:

Introducing the impressive roster of the CYCLONE DRONE RACING, a new Pro team who have made a name for themselves in the amateur series and are now competing in the pro season. This team was formed from the community and has worked hard to make their way up the ranks, starting on Xbox and now competing on PC. Their dedication and talent have made them one of the leading teams in the amateur series and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the pro circuit.

1 Pilot Joaquin Ybanez JBox
2 Pilot Tal Segev Baraktal
3 Pilot Chesley Wick TheIceCheetah
4 Pilot Charles Rinfret Paco
5 Pilot Bambi Bamford Bambi
6 Pilot David Kaufman Astronaut
7 Pilot Zachary Ruschak ZionFPV
8 Pilot Pit Nestle Soziapath

Haven Airborne:

Introducing the roster of Haven Airborne, a new entry team representing Norway in the upcoming DCL23 season. With high expectations and a determination to make their mark, Haven Airborne embodies the pioneering spirit of Norway, a country known for charting new paths and pushing boundaries. This team is ready to show the world what they’re made of and compete at the highest level of drone racing.

1 Head of Esports/Pilot Jakob Holshagen Chuggakva
2 Pilot Erik Holden Holdox_FPV
3 Pilot Even Braaten Snowyeti
4 Pilot Haakon Gingstad Pedersen Puray
5 Pilot Håvard Smeland Smelandfpv
6 Pilot Odin Øie Eid Nido_FPV
7 Pilot Thomas Haga SPooK
8 Pilot Tom Idland Fireduck


This is the first-ever all-women’s drone racing team to compete in the DCL, and they will be looking to make a big impression in the 2023 season. Pilots such as LaBeba, MaiOnHigh, and StephFPV will be leading the charge.

1 Pilot/ Captain Ryan Lindsay Grieves Mako Reactra
2 Pilot Stephanie Chao StephFPV
3 Pilot Natalia Astakhova natahova
4 Pilot Leslie Camarena LaBeba
5 Pilot Ksenya Mosina hologram
6 Pilot Lexie Janson MaiOnHigh
7 Pilot Gayeon MO MOGA FPV
8 Pilot Heverlein Carreiro TRILLY FPV

DCL Wild Card Team:

This team is made up of top pilots from around the world, and they’ll be looking to upset the established order with their skills and daring. Pilots such as ZOOM, Mr.Bogey, and superspiro will be leading the charge.

1 Pilot Alexander Hristianov Daskalov superspiro
2 Pilot David Mclittle Vizzy
3 Pilot Vadim Dzema ZOOM
4 Pilot Marcel Sowiak FlowCelly
5 Pilot Mattias Gysin Dragony
6 Pilot Mladen Atanasov Bogoev Mr.Bogey
7 Pilot Sean Murren Rockerguy


With such an impressive array of talent and technology on display, the DCL Grand Prix 2023 season promises to be one of the most exciting yet. Fans can look forward to high-speed racing, breathtaking maneuvers, and plenty of surprises as the teams battle it out for the championship.

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by Babu Muhammad Umair, Social Media Manager DCL.
Published: Feb 20, 2023 at 12:56