Freestyle Wednesday

08 Apr 2020: 00.00 - 09 Apr 2020: 00.00

Start time: 00:00

Create a freestyle video and share it on social media with #DCLTheGameFreestyle for a chance of winning €200! For the entry rules and guidelines please go to the DCL website ( and look for the current Freestyle Wednesday event in the Race calendar.


Challenge type
Normal (Single)
Challenge duration
1 Day
  • PlayStation 4
  • Steam
  • Xbox One
Environment & track 1
Proptown - freestyle Day
Environment & track 2
Reutte - freestyle Night
Environment & track 3
Laax - freestyle Night
Environment & track 4
Laax - freestyle Dusk
Environment & track 5
Oilbando - freestyle Day
Environment & track 6
Proptown - freestyle Night
Environment & track 7
Oilbando - freestyle Night
Environment & track 8
Vaduz - freestyle Night
Environment & track 9
Vaduz - freestyle Day
Environment & track 10
Reutte - freestyle Day
Environment & track 11
Laax - freestyle Day
Drone type(s)
  • Lightweight
Flight modes allowed
  • Acro

Terms & Conditions

In the Freestyle Wednesday contest, one content creator will be chosen, per week, to win a prize of €200.

Each weekly contest covers a seven (7) day period beginning Wednesday at 00:00 UTC (the “Contest Week”).

To be eligible to win the award for a given Contest Week, the video must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. it must include, at the discretion of the DCL-The Game curation staff, substantial drone video content (real-life drone content is also allowed),
  2. it must not include any visual or audio content subject to third party copyright protection, and
  3. it must be uploaded to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #DCLTheGameFreestyle before 12:00 UTC the Tuesday before the ending of the Contest Week
  4. Direct Messages will not be accepted, the video must be public
  5. the video must be uncut/unedited (except color grading and unlicensed music is allowed, raw sound is recommended) from beginning to the end (unedited replay capture from DCL-The Game allowed)

For each Contest Week, DCL-The Game curation staff will review the top 15 videos most liked (thumbs up) videos.

DCL-The Game curation staff will then select the winner out of the top 15 most liked videos with the hashtag #DCLTheGameFreestyle.

Video should not contain any personal information.

The winning videos from each Contest Week will be announced on the Wednesday after the competition closes (2 weeks after the opening).

Winners must agree to share the winning content piece with DCL.

If you use DCL-The Game to generate the content for the Freestyle Event, ideally finish into the crash gate, only if you are happy with your flight, then you can use the replay feature to capture the flight.

To be eligible to collect any potential prize, the winner must respond, within three (3) days, to a request by DCL-The Game staff sent via the social platform where the winning video was posted.

Payment will be via back transfer.

All rules regarding the best Freestyle Drone Video of the Week Contest are subject to change by DCL-The Game staff at any time in its sole discretion.


How to join a game

  • Step 1

    Launch DCL - The Game on your computer or console

  • Step 2

    Go to Fly in the menu and click on Events

  • Step 3

    Register for the event with your e-mail address

  • Step 4

    Click on Race and start flying