Final Picks: Draft Selection 1 of 2022

These have been some gruelling few weeks, with pilots putting in the work to prove they are the best. And prove they did, the Teams were very impressed, to say the least.

In order to be picked, Draftees first had to grind 4 tracks over 2 weeks. The challenge did not stop there though, as they then had 24 hours and only 5 attempts to get their best time on a brand-new track. The final track was designed to challenge them and prepare them for race conditions, where lots of pilots thrived.

Nevertheless, not everyone could be selected to become a DCL Pilot, and the final selection of new pilots came down to the 6 DCL Teams.

The biggest surprise in the picks was that a console pilot, from PlayStation, was recruited. This is the first time in DCL history, and probably Drone Racing as a whole, that a console pilot gets recruited. We, at DCL, have always championed consoles and are very happy to see that hard work pays off, no matter the platform.

Some of the best pilots in the Draft came from consoles and recently shifted to Steam, proving that skill can be learned no matter the platform.

So, without further ado, in no particular order, here are the Picks from the first DCL Draft Selection 2022:

SDT Perpetuum (Spain)

  • Shrimpy Boy, New Zealand
  • Alex Zamora, Spain (traded from XBlades)
  • Iván Merino, Spain


Super Sonic X (South Korea)

  • Shaigne, France
  • Noah Kim, South Korea


China Dragons (China)

  • Ion FPV, India
  • Geek FPV, Italy
  • KB, USA
  • JBox, USA
  • DuoNa Lan FPV


Quad Force One (USA)

  • Screecher FPV, USA
  • Jake Hammer, USA
  • AKDrones, USA


XBlades Racing (UK)

  • Pukka FPV, UK
  • Smash FPV, Canada – from PS4!
  • Xgoodvibesx, UK
  • Racer250 FPV, Spain
  • Violent FPV, Germany (traded from SDT)
  • Salie FPV, Russia
  • Baraktal, Israel
  • Razbri, UK


Raiden Racing (Japan)

  • RussellAR, USA
  • Batu FPV, Turkey
  • Yuki FPV, Japan