Draft Picks – DCL22 Draft Selection Round 2

--- and breathe!
It’s been an intense few weeks with talent continuously growing and DCL Teams being faced with some tough choices.

Pilots had a 2-week period to record their best times on 4 tracks in DCL – The Game to go on to qualify for the Draft Race: a high stakes race where pilots only had 5 attempts to record the best time on 1 track.

And fly they did with pilots being separated by milliseconds.

The Teams have now picked and here are your new Draft Pilots:

Super Sonic X

  • HYG FPV (South Korea)

Spain Drone Team: SDT Perpetuumcoin

  • DieBorr (Spain)

China Dragons

  • Doruk FPV (Turkey)
  • mojo.fpv (Germany)

Quad Force One

  • Oatie FPV (USA)
  • HeadsUP (USA) (free pick)
  • Pino FPV (USA) (free pick)
  • Potayto FPV (USA) (free pick)

XBlades Racing

  • Dew FPV (Poland)

Raiden Racing

  • Tokudo Umetani (Japan)


Congratulations to the new DCL Pilots as well as all those who took part. If you weren’t picked, it’s not the end for you. You can still take part in weekly challenges in DCL – The Game, join an amateur team, and next year try again.

DCL – The Game is available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox: https://dcl.aero/game/download/