DCL22 Draft Selection – Round 2

First things first, you need to be on DCL – The Game. The FPV drone racing simulator is available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox. The entire Draft process will take place in-game.
The Draft Selection is for both the World Championship and the DCL Women’s Cup. No matter your background or experience level, everyone is invited to try!

Here’s what you can expect in the DCL22 Draft Selection – Round 2:

The Draft Qualification will take place in DCL – The Game over a period of 2 weeks starting on Monday the 25th of July 2022 at 12noon UTC until Sunday the 7th of August 2022 at 12noon UTC.

Your qualifying time will be the sum of your best times on all 4 Draft Qualification Tracks. Make sure to grind on all 4 of the tracks to increase your odds.

Thereafter, the top players (based on times recorded) on each platform (200 Steam, 50 Xbox, 50 PS4) will be issued an online form (via email) to complete. This form will guide the team owners with their player evaluation. They are looking for pilots who are fast and reliable on any racetrack, but also in search of those who have good technical knowledge, a grasp of English and are comfortable in front of the camera. The form is also a “get to know you” opportunity where you can show your personality and experience/achievements outside of DCL.

If you have filled in this form in previous Draft Selections, you will need to do so again.

On Saturday the 13th of August 2022 starting 12noon UTC, a 24-hour window opens where each of the qualified pilots will have the chance to set their fastest time possible, on a brand-new track in DCL – The Game. Whilst you have 24 hours to practice, you will only have 5 attempts. This is to simulate live racing circumstances where you cannot afford to make a mistake.

The password to this track will be sent to the email from the form submitted so it is vital to check your inbox. You will NOT be sent the password to join the track if you haven’t filled out the form.


IMPORTANT: Upon completing the form, you accept that you agree to be picked by ANY team. You are NOT allowed to sign a contract with a team BEFORE the picking process takes place unless you have been “free picked”. Pilots doing this will be disqualified from the Draft Selection.

If you are “free picked”, you cannot take part in the Draft Selection final race.

Team owners will contact pilots directly through the contact details shared on the form. Picks will be announced by the team owners to DCL on Wednesday the 18th of August 2022. Teams will have turns one by one to announce one pick, starting with the team that is currently last in the Championship of 2022, followed by the team in 5th, etc, and ending in the team which is currently first. This process will continue until all teams have finished all their picks.

Teams are also allowed a maximum of 3 “Free Picks” total in Draft Round 1 and Round 2 (e.g 2 picks in Round 1 and then 1 in Round 2). These need to be agreed and announced to DCL by the 8th of August 2022.

Teams are allowed to trade pilots after the picks are announced with a predefined trading window.

Teams can make as many picks and trades as they wish but their roster at the end of the Draft Round 2 must be a maximum of 13 pilots.


An official announcement revealing all the picks to the general public on all relevant channels will follow, in late August 2022.



You cannot take part in the Draft Selection Race if you haven’t replied to the email from the DCL Team.


Download DCL – The Game on Steam, PS4, or XBox to take part: https://dcl.aero/game/download/