DCL21 Summer Trials Winners

When nature dresses in brown shades again, it's time for the DCL21 Autumn Trials! Starting on the 18th of October 2021 until the 19th of December 2021 you can compete again.
And of course we got some special prizes prepared for you - so watch out!

But first, we want to congratulate everyone who took part in the DCL21 Summer Solo and Team Trials.

Special thanks to Torvol for sponsoring DCL21 Summer Trials!


Here are your winners:




  1. 蓝多娜little girl
  2. baraktal
  3. the23


Steam Pro

  1. Star23467
  2. Minjae Kim



  1. KiteBoard4me



  1. Shaigne
  2. StonxiiFPV
  3. The Truest Dude



  1. Lightning Elite
  2. Lightning Elite Racing