DCL21 Spring Trials Winners

The sun is out and the mosquitoes are taking flight: summer is here! (in the Northern Hemisphere) So naturally, it’s time for the DCL21 Summer Trials starting on the 1st July 2021 until the 30th of September 2021. This time, they're sponsored by Torvol so keep an eye out for the prizes.

But first, we want to congratulate everyone who took part in the DCL21 Spring Solo and Team Trials. It’s been a busy few months between the Draft Selection and the very first Drone Grand Prix of 2021, but you were all still grinding. Special thanks to Holybro and Auline for sponsoring the Spring Trials!

Here are your winners:



Steam Rookie

  1. HaloWalker03
  2. the23

Steam Pro

  1. Minjae Kim
  2. Swan Vermissens
  3. Andreas Klein


  1. Smash FPV


  1. Shaigne



Steam – Spitfires Racing Team

  • SRT • straydogFPV.NL
  • Joel Cruz
  • SRT • Cir(oOo)cleS
  • Dutch O! Course


PS4 – Lightning Elite

  • j0el_bradly
  • taylor-made0006
  • Pukka_87
  • aerioFPV
  • FuZeJM
  • Gavlar_fpv_78
  • zeesh02
  • JonQ_89


Xbox – Cyclone

  • DanemanFPV
  • StonxiiFPV
  • Exod3ous
  • Eloopyalson
  • akThunderfunk
  • pappawoody
  • Medium2011