DCL21 Autumn Trials – Fly this Fall

During our temporary hiatus there was nothing we missed more than our community. It’s you who kept us going and brought us back. But we are back and in full throttle so that means that Trials are restarting, just like the old days.

The DCL21 Autumn Trials will run from the 18th of October 2021 to the 19th of December 2021 and as per usual, Trials equals real life prizes.

Every week you participate in tournaments in DCL – The Game to accumulate points that are added together to place you on a leaderboard divided by platform and as well as a season leaderboard, top pilots and teams can unlock skins or other game features based on weekly performance.


All prizes are courtesy of Torvol. Here’s the position you need to get in to win:


SOLO – 1 Prize per Pilot

  • Steam: Top 3
  • PS4: Top 1
  • Xbox: Top 2
  • Pro: Top 2


TEAM – 4 Prizes per Team

  • Steam: Top 1
  • PS4: Top 1


And here is a list of all prizes available:

  • Bundles BackPack Quad Pitstop Pro + Lipo Safe Bag
  • Bundles BackPack Quad Pitstop + Quad Strap
  • Bundles Freestyle Bag + Freestyle Goggle straps
  • Bundles Torvol Hoodie + Street Cap
  • Bundles LipoSafe Bag + Goggle Strap
  • Bundles Field Sling Bag + Freestyle Goggle strap
  • Bundles Tee shirt + Freestyle Goggle straps


So, enjoy flying and good luck!


Buy DCL – The Game for Steam, PlayStation 4, or XBox here: https://dcl.aero/game/download/