In 2021, 7 elite international teams compete at locations around the globe for the DCL World Championship and DCL Women’s Cup, with real-life locations being recreated inside DCL – The Game.

Here are the teams that will compete at the upcoming Virtual Drone Grand Prix LAAX, Switzerland, Race #3 & #4!


China Dragons

Thomas Kund (24, Germany, team captain)

James Govey (17, UK)

Kenrick Lin (15, Indonesia)

Lukas Rau (23, Germany)

Women’s Cup Pilot: ZiQing Yuan (China)

team owner/manager: Ronnie Chow


Drone Sports Global 

Dimo Shterev (19, Bulgaria, team captain)

Atakan Mercimek (15, Turkey)

Gennady Fomin (18, Russia)

Tomass Petersons (25, Latvia), Free Pick – Oct. 2021

Women’s Cup Pilot: Ksenia Mosina (Russia)

team owner/manager: Nikita Sokolov



Quad Force One

Silas Aaron (15, USA, team captain)

Colby Curtola (36, USA)

Kal Reifsnyder (17, USA)

Levi Johnson (16, USA)

Women’s Cup Pilot: Susan Smith (USA), Ryan Lindsay Lessard (USA)

team manager: Matt Nowakowski


Raiden Racing

David Modig (29, Sweden, team captain)

Konstantin Sonnentag (15, Germany)

Marc Espuña (22, Spain)

Vicent Mayans (16, Spain)

Women’s Cup Pilot: Evan Desautels (USA)

team manager/owner: Yu Kotera


SDT Euroflytec

Daniel Borrega (14, Spain, team captain)

Joan Company (18, Spain)

Josh Brasure (35, USA)

Marcel Lleixa (17, Spain), Free Pick – Oct. 2021

Klaudiusz Mosior (17, Poland)

Women’s Cup Pilot: Leslie Camarena (USA)

team manager/owner: Juan Antonio Rioboo


Super Sonic X

Jordy Peek (20, Netherlands, team captain)

Lukas Böhm (15, Germany)

Minjae Kim (13, South Korea)

Ofek Nathan YomTov (20, Israel)

Andreas Klein (18, Netherlands)

Angel J. Rivera (21, Puerto Rico)

Women’s Cup Pilot: SiYun Park (Korea)

Team manager/owner: HJ Son



Minchan Kim (17, Korea, team captain)

Alex Zamora (14, Spain)

Ashton Gamble (16, USA)

Killian Rousseau (17, France)

Women’s Cup Pilot: Luisa Rizzo (Italy)

team owner: Richard De Aragues, team manager: Paul Jaggers

Don’t miss our action-packed Virtual Drone Grand Prix where all Teams will be competing for their chance to be champion in Laax, Switzerland. Live on Twitch on the 30th  and 31st of October from 11:00 UTC.