Community Choice Awards 2021

2021 was a year of many firsts: first time World Champions Raiden Racing, first ever DCL Women’s Cup, first season for many pilots, first time we almost had a hybrid season, and many other fun things at DCL.
Unfortunately, not everyone could win, even if they were fan favourites, as at the end of the day, the races are about who is fastest.

At DCL, we’re strong believers in people, not just numbers, and we value our community’s opinion immensely. Therefore, we’ve decided to start a yearly “Community Choice Awards”, where you, our beloved community, can choose your favourites and give them a chance for that podium win, even if they didn’t get it during the 2021 season.

These awards aren’t just for DCL Pilots though, we are also nominating the top DCL – The Game Pilots based on rank in the DCL21 Trials, so you could win too 😉

So, show your love and tell all your friends to show theirs too!

The voting process is now over. Results will be published shortly!