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Britain’s XBlades Racing have been the dominant force in the Drone Champions League ever since the premiere season, producing the best competitive record in DCL history and clinching a hat-trick of three team championships at the 2019 season finale.

Driven by the pursuit of technological and performance excellence, the team formerly known as NexxBlades believe that drone racing is the future, and they are pioneering that vision by seeking out the world’s best pilots, developing drone innovations and advocating the sport worldwide. XBlades have seen the DCL field become increasingly tight, and that’s just the way they like it.

The Pilots

Full roster

Luke Bannister (BanniUK)
Killian Rousseau (DarKex)
Gary Kent (Justice FPV)
Brett Collis (CollisionFPV)
Harry Holmes (HolmsieFPV)
Owen Knight (Knighthawk)
Mikolaj Kolasinski (Emmet Brown)
Adam Blackburn
Ashton Gamble
Jonas Holzapfel
Alex Kubrak
Markus Patas
Swan Versmissen
Wanraya Wannapong