About DCL

Virtual Race format 2020

The starting order of Race Day 1 is decided by online qualification via DCL – The Game. The qualifications are held at least 1 week before a race. The racetracks and surroundings are recreated in great detail, so it's almost identical to what the pilots would experience at a real-life race.

Race rules

To win, you’ve got to play by the rules. Here’s a brief summary.

1 Penalty Cards

Yellow: Warning – two yellows result in red card
Red: Heat disqualification – two reds result in blue card
Blue: Expulsion from race weekend

2 Early Start

If a copter takes off before the Green Light signal, its pilot will be issued a red card.

3 Missed Gate/Obstacle

A pilot who misses a gate must go back and fly through it before progressing, or a red card will be issued.

4 Crash

Pilots who assess that they can continue safely may do so. If all copters crash, the pilot who piloted their copter farthest gets the point.

5 Copter Collisions

Mid-air collisions are not penalized unless deemed intentional. Reckless or unsafe behavior is never tolerated and a penalty card will be issued.

6 Altitude

Pilots must not fly above 5 meters from the ground; if they do, they will receive a penalty card.

7 Distractions

Any team member who touches or disturbs a competitor/competitor’s equipment while the competitor is flying will get a penalty card.

8 Protests

If the protest relates to the current heat, the Team Captain or Team Manager must signal the Chief Judge immediately before the teams are dismissed from the stage.

9 Reruns

DCL Officers will not grant a rerun if mathematically it could not alter the result of the current round.

10 Technical Issue

If a drone doesn’t start or LEDs don’t work, the pilot has one spare drone. If it doesn’t work, the pilot gets a red card.