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In cooperation with McDonald’s Switzerland the Drone Champions League organized a challenge for all Swiss players of the official DCL simulator 'DCL – The Game'.

By entering a registration code in the game, a secret track was unlocked which had to be flown by the participants as fast as possible. Among the 1,116 participants, the eight players with the fastest time are invited to the “DRONE GRAND PRIX LAAX 2019”. Among other things, on 28.03.2019 four of the eight winners have the opportunity to qualify to be real drone pilots for the “Official McDonald’s Wildcard Team” and prove their virtually learned flying skills from the computer game in reality at the “DRONE GRAND PRIX LAAX 2019”.

Now that the winners of the “Official McDonald’s Drone Challenge” are confirmed so we can congratulate:

  1. M@lârk! [SUI] – Valentino Lorusso
  2. serafin_st – Serafin Strähl
  3. yanick.glauser – Yanick Glauser
  4. Raphino FPV – Raphael Strähl
  5. SWIFT – Michael Isler
  6. jojo – Jonas Bouchraiet
  7. Bueb – Pascal Luginbühl
  8. werffeli- – Moritz Werffeli

With the “Official McDonald’s Drone Challenge” the Drone Champions League, in cooperation with McDonald’s Switzerland, promoted the new computer game “DCL – The Game”. The background of the project was to promote the sponsorship of McDonald’s in the Drone Champions League and to bring the McDonald’s and Drone Champions League partnership closer to consumers.

For a more detailed overview of the Official McDonald’s Drone Challenge ranking, visit

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