About DCL

Race format

The starting order of Race Day 1 is decided by online qualification via DCL – The Game. The qualifications are held at least 1 week before a race. The real-life racetrack and surroundings are recreated in great detail, so qualifying is almost identical to what the pilots will experience on site.

Race day

Quarter final | Semi final | Grand final

5 heats per racing session

Eight teams with four pilots per team compete at each race. Two teams of four pilots go head to head in the quarter finals until all eight teams have raced. The winners of each head to head progress to the semi finals and the two teams left standing will battle it out in the grand final.

DroneDroneDroneDrone Team one vs DroneDroneDroneDrone Team two

Heats 1- 4: Single heats

Two drones in the track at a time, as pilots from each team go head to head 1:1 style.
  • Drone vs Drone
  • Drone vs Drone
  • Drone vs Drone
  • Drone vs Drone

Heat 5: Big heat

Heat 5 is all 8 drones in the air together

DroneDroneDroneDrone vs DroneDroneDroneDrone

The team with the most points progresses through each phase

Race rules

To win, you’ve got to play by the rules. Here’s a brief summary.

1 Penalty Cards

Yellow: Warning – two yellows result in red card
Red: Heat disqualification – two reds result in blue card
Blue: Expulsion from race weekend

2 Early Start

If a copter takes off before the Green Light signal, its pilot will be issued a red card.

3 Missed Gate/Obstacle

A pilot who misses a gate must go back and fly through it before progressing, or a red card will be issued.

4 Crash

Pilots who assess that they can continue safely may do so. If all copters crash, the pilot who piloted their copter farthest gets the point.

5 Copter Collisions

Mid-air collisions are not penalized unless deemed intentional. Reckless or unsafe behavior is never tolerated and a penalty card will be issued.

6 Altitude

Pilots must not fly above 5 meters from the ground; if they do, they will receive a penalty card.

7 Distractions

Any team member who touches or disturbs a competitor/competitor’s equipment while the competitor is flying will get a penalty card.

8 Protests

If the protest relates to the current heat, the Team Captain or Team Manager must signal the Chief Judge immediately before the teams are dismissed from the stage.

9 Reruns

DCL Officers will not grant a rerun if mathematically it could not alter the result of the current round.

10 Technical Issue

If a drone doesn’t start or LEDs don’t work, the pilot has one spare drone. If it doesn’t work, the pilot gets a red card.