27 Aug 2020: 08.00 - 13 Sep 2020: 22.00

Start time: 08:00

Here’s your chance to race against the world’s best drone pilots! McDonald’s and DCL are recruiting talented pilots to join the McDonald’s Wildcard Team and take part in the “McDonald’s Virtual Drone Grand Prix Zürichsee, Switzerland”! In this virtual race that will be live-streamed, the teams will compete to be drone champions of Switzerland. All the details on: Unranked


Challenge type
Normal (Single)
Challenge duration
17 Days
Participating countries
  • CH
  • LI
  • PlayStationNetwork
  • Steam
  • XboxLive
Environment & track 1
CH GP Wildcard B
Environment & track 2
CH GP Wildcard A
Drone type(s)
  • DCL19
Flight modes allowed
  • Acro
  • Arcade
  • GPS
  • Stabilized


How to join a game

  • Step 1

    Launch DCL - The Game on your computer or console

  • Step 2

    Go to Fly in the menu and click on Events

  • Step 3

    Register for the event with your e-mail address

  • Step 4

    Click on Race and start flying