LIVE TV Premiere for DCL and Drone Racing

LIVE TV Premiere for DCL and Drone Racing

The next Drone Champions League (DCL) race will take place this weekend in the Romanian salt mine "Salina Turda". SPORT1 presents the first race (Race 1) live on Saturday, 14th of October, starting at 1:00 pm. As the media partner of Drone Champions AG, SPORT1 will be presenting the first "Race in Caves” on free TV. Nico Seepe will be the commentator for this spectacle. The 2nd race (Race 2) livestream on Sunday, 15th of October will be hosted live on from 4 pm with English commentary by Matt Andrews. In September this year, Germany's leading 360 ° sports platform presented the DCL racing weekend in Liechtenstein on the Livestream as well as highlights on the TV. 

Who will conquer „Salina Turda“?

For the second year in a row, the DCL takes its racing series to the depths of "Salina Turda". The “Race in Caves” is a thrill ride for pilots and spectators; the highlight of the track is the 40 meter level difference in the height of the two plateaus in the cave. The track in "Salina Turda" is again an absolute highlight for the teams and pilots in the 2017 racing calendar, while important season points are on the line: the race in Romania is the last before the season's final in December in Berlin.

Trend sport - drone racing

The goal of drone racing is to master a track with remote-controllable flying drones, also called "Race Copters", as quickly as possible. In the DCL, the best drone pilots in the world compete with 700g drones, which can reach a top speed of 140 kilometers per hour. Each Race Copter is equipped with a camera, which transmits video signals to the pilot’s goggles enabling the pilot to control the drone from the cockpit view. At the same time, the breath taking first-person perspective is produced and shared with the audience.

An Overview of „Race in Caves“:


 Saturday, 14. October  13:00 live 

Race 1, Salina Turda/ROU Commentator: Nico Seepe LIVESTREAM

 Sunday, 15. October 16:00 live

Race 2, Salina Turda/ROU  English Commentator: Matt Andrews